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Claude Akins

Broad-shouldered and beefy Claude Akins had wavy black hair, a deep booming voice and was equally adept at playing sneering cowardly villains as he was at portraying hard-nosed cops. The son of a police officer, Akins never seemed short of work and appeared in nearly 100 films and 180+ TV episodes in a career spanning over 40 years. He originally ...

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May 25, 1926 In Nelson, Georgia, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie The Gun of Zangara
Series Hollywood Beat 1993-01-17


Poster of Movin' On
Poster of The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
Poster of Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Poster of Rio Bravo
映画 From Here to Eternity Unknown 2018
映画 Twisted Fear Unknown 1994
映画 The Search Unknown 1994
Series Hollywood Beat Unknown 1993-01-17
映画 Seasons of the Heart Unknown 1993
映画 Falling from Grace Unknown 1992
映画 Grass Roots Sheriff 1992-02-24
映画 Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls Unknown 1992
Series Eerie, Indiana Unknown 1991-09-15
映画 The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw Unknown 1991
映画 Where Evil Lives Unknown 1991
映画 Mothers, Daughters and Lovers Unknown 1989
映画 Pushed Too Far Unknown 1988
Series In the Heat of the Night Unknown 1988-03-06
映画 If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium Unknown 1987
映画 The Curse Unknown 1987
映画 Monster in the Closet Sheriff Sam Ketchem 1987-01-30
Series Matlock Unknown 1986-03-03
Series Dream West Tom Fitzpatrick 1986-04-13
映画 Academy of Country Music's 20th Anniversary Reunion Unknown 1986
映画 Manhunt for Claude Dallas Bill Pogue 1986-10-28
Series Tall Tales & Legends Unknown 1985-09-25
Series Legmen Unknown 1984-01-20
Series Hunter Unknown 1984-09-18
映画 The Baron and the Kid Unknown 1984
Series Celebrity Unknown 1984
Series The Master Unknown 1984-01-20
Series The New Mike Hammer Unknown 1984
Series Crazy Like a Fox Unknown 1984-12-30
Series Murder, She Wrote Unknown 1984-09-30
Series Masquerade Unknown 1983-12-15
映画 Desperate Intruder Unknown 1983
Series Hotel Unknown 1983-09-21
映画 Bus Stop Unknown 1982
映画 All-Star Salute to Mother's Day Himself 1981-05-10
映画 The Way They Were None 1981-06-22
Series Darkroom Unknown 1981-11-27
映画 Bob Hope's All-Star Look at TV's Prime Time Wars Unknown 1980
映画 The 6th People's Choice Awards Unknown 1980
Series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Unknown 1980
Series Concrete Cowboys Unknown 1979-10-17
映画 The Country Western Murders Unknown 1979
映画 Ebony, Ivory and Jade Unknown 1979
Series B.J. and the Bear Unknown 1978-10-04
映画 Little Mo Gus Berste 1978-09-05
映画 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo Unknown 1977
Series The Oregon Trail Unknown 1977
Series The Rhinemann Exchange Unknown 1977
映画 Killer on Board Unknown 1977
Series Fantasy Island Unknown 1977-01-14
Series Nashville 99 Det. Lt. Stonewall Huff / ... 1977-04-01
Series The Love Boat Unknown 1977-05-05
映画 Yesterday's Child Unknown 1977
映画 Tentacles Unknown 1977
映画 Kiss Me, Kill Me Unknown 1976
映画 Medical Story Dr. Matthews 1975-09-04
映画 Timber Tramps Unknown 1975
映画 Eric Stanley 'Stan' Swenson 1975-11-10
Series Movin' On Sonny Pruitt 1974-05-08
Series Dinah! Unknown 1974-10-21
映画 The Death Squad Unknown 1974
Series The Wide World of Mystery Unknown 1973-01-15
Series Toma Unknown 1973-03-21
Series Police Story Unknown 1973-03-20
映画 The Norliss Tapes Sheriff Tom Hartley 1973-02-21
Series Barnaby Jones Unknown 1973-01-28
映画 Battle for the Planet of the Apes Unknown 1973
映画 Skyjacked Sgt. Ben Puzo 1972-08-26
Series Hec Ramsey Unknown 1972-10-08
Series The Streets of San Francisco Unknown 1972-09-16
Series The Rookies Unknown 1972-03-07
映画 The Night Stalker Unknown 1972
映画 River of Mystery Unknown 1971
Series Cannon Unknown 1971-09-14
映画 Lock, Stock and Barrel Unknown 1971
Series McMillan & Wife Unknown 1971-09-17
Series Longstreet Flecker 1971-02-23
Series McCloud Unknown 1970-02-17
映画 Surejji Unknown 1970
映画 Flap Lobo Jackson 1970-11-01
Series Love, American Style Unknown 1969-09-29
映画 The Great Bank Robbery Unknown 1969
Series Medical Center Unknown 1969-04-17
Series Marcus Welby, M.D. Unknown 1969-03-26
映画 Waterhole #3 Sgt. Henry Foggers 1968-05-22
映画 The Devil's Brigade Unknown 1968
Series The Outsider Unknown 1968-09-18
Series The Guns of Will Sonnett Unknown 1967-09-08
Series Hondo Unknown 1967-09-08
Series Garrison's Gorillas Unknown 1967-09-05
Series Judd for the Defense Unknown 1967-09-08
Series Mannix Unknown 1967-09-16
映画 First to Fight Unknown 1967
Series Mission: Impossible Unknown 1966-09-17
Series The Monroes Unknown 1966-09-07
映画 Return of the Magnificent Seven Unknown 1966
映画 Incident at Phantom Hill Unknown 1966
映画 Ride Beyond Vengeance Unknown 1966
Series A Man Called Shenandoah Unknown 1966
Series The Trials of O'Brien Unknown 1965-09-18
Series Laredo Unknown 1965-09-16
Series The F.B.I. Unknown 1965-09-16
Series Branded Unknown 1965-01-24
Series The Legend of Jesse James Unknown 1965
Series The Big Valley Unknown 1965-09-15
映画 A Distant Trumpet Unknown 1964
Series Daniel Boone Unknown 1964-09-24
Series Slattery's People Unknown 1964-09-21
Series Destry Unknown 1964
Series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Unknown 1964-09-22
映画 The Killers Unknown 1964
Series The Great Adventure Unknown 1963-09-27
Series The Fugitive Unknown 1963-09-17
Series The Dick Powell Theatre Unknown 1963
Series Mr. Novak Unknown 1963-09-24
Series Kraft Suspense Theatre Unknown 1963-10-10
Series Empire Unknown 1962-09-25
Series The Lucy Show Unknown 1962-10-01
Series Combat! Unknown 1962-10-02
Series Wide Country Unknown 1962-09-20
Series The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Unknown 1962-09-20
映画 Merrill's Marauders Unknown 1962
映画 Black Gold Unknown 1962
Series 77 Sunset Strip Unknown 1962
Series The Dakotas Unknown 1962-04-23
Series The Virginian Unknown 1962-09-19
映画 Claudelle Inglish Unknown 1961
Series The Loretta Young Show Unknown 1961
Series The Tall Man Unknown 1961
Series Frontier Circus Unknown 1961-10-05
Series Bus Stop Unknown 1961-10-01
Series Alcoa Premiere Unknown 1961-10-10
Series Hazel Unknown 1961-09-28
Series The Mike Douglas Show Unknown 1961-12-11
映画 Gunfight at Black Horse Canyon Unknown 1961
Series Wanted: Dead or Alive Unknown 1960
Series Surfside 6 Unknown 1960-10-03
Series Route 66 Unknown 1960-10-07
Series The Roaring 20's Unknown 1960-10-15
Series Outlaws Unknown 1960-09-29
Series Klondike Unknown 1960-10-10
Series Dan Raven Unknown 1960-09-23
Series Law of the Plainsman Unknown 1960
映画 Comanche Station Unknown 1960
Series Pony Express Unknown 1960
映画 The Gun of Zangara Unknown 1960
映画 Inherit the Wind Unknown 1960
Series Overland Trail Unknown 1960-02-07
映画 Don't Give Up the Ship Unknown 1959
Series Northwest Passage Unknown 1959
映画 Frontier Rangers Unknown 1959
映画 Rio Bravo Unknown 1959
映画 Yellowstone Kelly Unknown 1959
Series The Untouchables Unknown 1959-01-22
Series Laramie Unknown 1959-09-15
Series The Twilight Zone Unknown 1959-10-02
Series Riverboat Unknown 1959-09-13
Series The Deputy Unknown 1959-09-12
Series Rawhide Unknown 1959-01-09
映画 Porgy and Bess Unknown 1959
Series Bonanza Unknown 1959-09-12
映画 Hound-Dog Man Hog Peyson 1959-11-01
Series The Alaskans Unknown 1959-10-04
Series Adventures in Paradise Unknown 1959-10-05
Series Richard Diamond, Private Detective Unknown 1959
Series The Rebel Unknown 1959-10-04
Series Bronco Unknown 1958-09-23
Series Steve Canyon Unknown 1958-09-13
Series The Texan Unknown 1958-09-29
Series Yancy Derringer Unknown 1958-10-02
Series The Rifleman Unknown 1958-09-30
Series Shirley Temple's Storybook Unknown 1958-01-12
Series Bat Masterson Unknown 1958-10-08
Series Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre Unknown 1958
映画 The Defiant Ones Unknown 1958
映画 Onionhead Unknown 1958
Series The Restless Gun Unknown 1958
Series The Sheriff of Cochise Unknown 1958
映画 The Lonely Man Unknown 1957
Series Maverick Unknown 1957-09-22
Series The Silent Service Unknown 1957
映画 The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Unknown 1957
Series Boots and Saddles Unknown 1957
Series Code 3 Unknown 1957
映画 Joe Dakota Unknown 1957
映画 Hot Summer Night Unknown 1957
Series Whirlybirds Unknown 1957-01-03
Series Wagon Train Unknown 1957-09-18
Series Have Gun - Will Travel Unknown 1957-09-14
Series The Adventures of McGraw Unknown 1957
Series Tales of Wells Fargo Unknown 1957-03-18
Series Perry Mason Unknown 1957-09-21
Series Zane Grey Theater Unknown 1956-10-05
映画 The Proud and Profane Unknown 1956
Series Medic Unknown 1956
Series Adventures of Superman Unknown 1956
Series The Adventures of Jim Bowie Unknown 1956
映画 The Sharkfighters Unknown 1956
Series State Trooper Unknown 1956-02-03
映画 Johnny Moccasin Unknown 1956
映画 The Burning Hills Unknown 1956
映画 Johnny Concho Unknown 1956
Series I Love Lucy Unknown 1956
映画 Battle Stations Unknown 1956
Series My Friend Flicka Unknown 1956
Series Alfred Hitchcock Presents Unknown 1955-10-02
Series The 20th Century-Fox Hour Unknown 1955-10-05
Series TV Reader's Digest Unknown 1955-01-17
Series The Millionaire Unknown 1955-01-19
Series Gunsmoke Unknown 1955-09-10
映画 Man with the Gun Unknown 1955
Series Crusader Unknown 1955-10-07
映画 The Sea Chase Unknown 1955
Series Soldiers of Fortune Unknown 1955
Series Star Stage Unknown 1955
Series Cheyenne Unknown 1955-09-20
Series Frontier Unknown 1955
映画 Shield for Murder Unknown 1954
映画 The Adventures of Hajji Baba Unknown 1954
映画 Down Three Dark Streets Unknown 1954
映画 Witness to Murder Unknown 1954
映画 Bitter Creek Unknown 1954
Series Climax! Unknown 1954-10-07
映画 The Raid Unknown 1954-08-04
Series Studio 57 Unknown 1954-09-21
映画 The Caine Mutiny Unknown 1954
映画 The Human Jungle Unknown 1954
Series The Lineup Unknown 1954-10-01
Series The Man Behind the Badge Unknown 1954
Series Treasury Men in Action Unknown 1954
Series General Electric Theater Unknown 1953-02-01
Series City Detective Unknown 1953
Series You Are There Unknown 1953-02-01
Series The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Unknown 1953
Series Death Valley Days Unknown 1952-03-06
Series Schlitz Playhouse Unknown 1951-10-05
Series Dragnet Unknown 1951-12-16
Series Big Town Unknown 1950-10-05
Series Lux Video Theatre Unknown 1950-10-02
Series Fireside Theatre Unknown 1949-04-05