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Nestor Paiva

Veteran character actor Nestor Paiva had one of those nondescript ethnic mugs and a natural gift for dialects that allowed him to play practically any type of foreigner. Born in Fresno, California, he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and developed an interest in performing while hooking up with college theatrics. Making his ...

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Jun 30, 1905 In Fresno, California, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Menace from Outer Space
Series Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2007-10-01


Poster of Tarantula
Poster of Revenge of the Creature
Poster of Creature from the Black Lagoon
Poster of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
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映画 All That Heaven Allows Unknown 2018
映画 Revenge of the Creature Unknown 2018
映画 Creature from the Black Lagoon Unknown 2018
Series Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Unknown 2007-10-01
映画 Gunfighters of the Old West Unknown 1992
映画 Coming Soon Unknown 1982-06-30
映画 They Saved Hitler's Brain Unknown 1968
映画 The Spirit Is Willing Unknown 1967
Series Family Affair Unknown 1966
映画 Dawn of Victory Unknown 1966
映画 Let's Kill Uncle Unknown 1966
映画 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter Unknown 1966
Series The Addams Family Unknown 1966
Series I Spy Unknown 1965-09-15
Series Vacation Playhouse Unknown 1965
Series Get Smart Unknown 1965-09-18
Series My Living Doll Unknown 1965
Series Daniel Boone Unknown 1964-09-24
Series The Bill Dana Show Unknown 1964
映画 The Ballad of a Gunfighter Unknown 1964
Series Jonny Quest Unknown 1964
映画 California Unknown 1963
Series The Third Man Unknown 1963
Series The Great Adventure Unknown 1963-09-27
Series Burke's Law Unknown 1963-09-20
Series Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Unknown 1963-09-27
映画 The Madmen of Mandoras Unknown 1963
Series The Virginian Unknown 1962-09-19
映画 Girls! Girls! Girls! Unknown 1962
Series McHale's Navy Unknown 1962-10-11
映画 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Unknown 1962
Series Shannon Unknown 1962
映画 The Three Stooges in Orbit Unknown 1962
Series Dennis the Menace Unknown 1962
Series The Lucy Show Unknown 1962-10-01
映画 The Wild Westerners Unknown 1962
Series 77 Sunset Strip Unknown 1962
Series Target: The Corruptors Unknown 1962
Series Follow the Sun Unknown 1961
映画 Atlantis: The Lost Continent Unknown 1961
映画 Go Naked in the World Unknown 1961
Series The Beverly Hillbillies Unknown 1961-09-26
Series The Loretta Young Show Unknown 1961
映画 Gold of the Seven Saints Unknown 1961
映画 Frontier Uprising Unknown 1961
Series The Barbara Stanwyck Show Unknown 1960-06-24
Series The Andy Griffith Show Unknown 1960-10-03
映画 Vice Raid Unknown 1960
Series Hong Kong Unknown 1960-09-28
Series Wanted: Dead or Alive Unknown 1960
映画 The Purple Gang Laurence Orlofsky 1960-01-05
映画 Can-Can Unknown 1960
映画 The Bramble Bush Unknown 1960
Series Johnny Midnight Unknown 1960-06-29
Series Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Unknown 1959
映画 Alias Jesse James Unknown 1959
映画 Pier 5, Havana Unknown 1959
Series The David Niven Show Unknown 1959
Series Rawhide Unknown 1959-01-09
Series Richard Diamond, Private Detective Unknown 1959
Series Mackenzie's Raiders Unknown 1959
Series Border Patrol Unknown 1959
Series Tightrope Unknown 1959-09-08
Series The Untouchables Unknown 1959-01-22
Series Behind Closed Doors Unknown 1959
Series Markham Unknown 1959
Series Laramie Unknown 1959-09-15
Series Bonanza Unknown 1959-09-12
Series World of Giants Unknown 1959-09-05
Series Wichita Town Unknown 1959-09-30
映画 The Sign of Zorro Unknown 1958
映画 The Lady Takes a Flyer Unknown 1958
Series The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna Unknown 1958
Series Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre Unknown 1958
Series The Restless Gun Unknown 1958
映画 The Left Handed Gun Unknown 1958
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Series The Ann Sothern Show Unknown 1958-10-06
Series Have Gun - Will Travel Unknown 1957-09-14
Series Sugarfoot Unknown 1957-09-17
Series Tales of Wells Fargo Unknown 1957-03-18
Series The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Unknown 1957
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映画 The Guns of Fort Petticoat Unknown 1957
Series Whirlybirds Unknown 1957-01-03
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Series Alcoa Theatre Aubert / ... 1957-10-07
Series Tombstone Territory Unknown 1957-10-16
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Series Conflict Unknown 1956-09-18
映画 The First Texan Unknown 1956
Series Crossroads Unknown 1956
Series Broken Arrow Unknown 1956-09-25
Series The Ford Television Theatre Unknown 1956
映画 Scandal Incorporated Unknown 1956
Series Combat Sergeant Unknown 1956
Series The Millionaire Unknown 1955-01-19
Series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Unknown 1955
Series Crusader Unknown 1955-10-07
Series Cheyenne Unknown 1955-09-20
Series Gunsmoke Unknown 1955-09-10
映画 Hell on Frisco Bay Unknown 1955
Series Stage 7 Unknown 1955-01-30
Series The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater Unknown 1955
Series The Gene Autry Show Unknown 1955
Series Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Unknown 1955
Series Matinee Theatre Unknown 1955-10-31
Series Damon Runyon Theater Unknown 1955
映画 New York Confidential Unknown 1955
Series Climax! Unknown 1954-10-07
Series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Unknown 1954-10-27
Series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger Unknown 1954
Series The Ray Milland Show Unknown 1954
映画 Jivaro Unknown 1954
Series The New Adventures of China Smith Unknown 1954
Series Passport to Danger Unknown 1954
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Series The Donald O'Connor Show Unknown 1954
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Series The Unexpected Unknown 1952
映画 The Fabulous Senorita Unknown 1952
Series Sky King Unknown 1952
Series China Smith Unknown 1952
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映画 5 Fingers Unknown 1952
Series Death Valley Days Unknown 1952-03-06
Series This Is the Life Unknown 1952-09-09
映画 Phone Call from a Stranger Unknown 1952
映画 Diplomatic Courier Unknown 1952
Series Cavalcade of America Senor Alverez 1952-10-01
映画 Mara Maru Unknown 1952
映画 With a Song in My Heart Unknown 1952
映画 On Dangerous Ground Unknown 1951
映画 Flame of Stamboul Unknown 1951
Series The Red Skelton Hour Unknown 1951-09-30
Series Schlitz Playhouse Unknown 1951-10-05
映画 The Great Caruso Unknown 1951
映画 A Millionaire for Christy Unknown 1951
Series Stars Over Hollywood Unknown 1951
映画 My Favorite Spy Unknown 1951
映画 Jim Thorpe -- All-American Unknown 1951
映画 The Lady Pays Off Unknown 1951
映画 Double Dynamite Unknown 1951
映画 Young Man with a Horn Louis Galba 1950-03-01
映画 Fortunes of Captain Blood Unknown 1950
Series Lux Video Theatre Unknown 1950-10-02
Series The Colgate Comedy Hour Unknown 1950-09-10
Series Dick Tracy Unknown 1950
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映画 Guilty of Treason Unknown 1950
映画 The Desert Hawk Unknown 1950
Series The Lone Ranger Unknown 1949-09-15
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映画 Mighty Joe Young Unknown 1949
映画 The Inspector General Unknown 1949
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映画 The Paleface Unknown 1948
映画 Angels' Alley Unknown 1948
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映画 Gypsy Holiday Unknown 1948
映画 Shoot to Kill Unknown 1947
映画 The Lone Wolf in Mexico Unknown 1947
映画 Carnival in Costa Rica Unknown 1947
映画 A Likely Story Unknown 1947
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映画 The Trouble with Women Unknown 1947
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映画 Cornered Unknown 1945
映画 A Thousand and One Nights Unknown 1945
映画 Road to Utopia Unknown 1945
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映画 The Dancing Masters Unknown 1943
映画 The Fallen Sparrow Unknown 1943
映画 The Fighting Guerrillas Unknown 1943
映画 Background to Danger Unknown 1943
映画 Tarzan's Desert Mystery Unknown 1943
映画 Rhythm of the Islands Unknown 1943
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映画 The Girl from Alaska Unknown 1942
映画 Fly-By-Night Unknown 1942
映画 The Lady Has Plans Unknown 1942
映画 The Adventures of Martin Eden Unknown 1942
映画 King of the Mounties Unknown 1942
映画 Jail House Blues Unknown 1942
映画 Ship Ahoy Unknown 1942
映画 Flying Tigers Unknown 1942
映画 Timber! Unknown 1942
映画 Reap the Wild Wind Unknown 1942
映画 Pittsburgh Unknown 1942
映画 Broadway Unknown 1942
映画 For Me and My Gal Unknown 1942
映画 Road to Morocco Unknown 1942
映画 The Kid from Kansas Unknown 1941
映画 Pot o' Gold Unknown 1941
映画 Hold That Ghost Unknown 1941
映画 Meet Boston Blackie Unknown 1941
映画 Dressed to Kill Unknown 1941
映画 Rise and Shine Unknown 1941
映画 Johnny Eager Unknown 1941
映画 Wild Geese Calling Unknown 1941
映画 Hold Back the Dawn Unknown 1941
映画 Tall, Dark and Handsome Unknown 1941
映画 The Sea Hawk Unknown 1940
映画 The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Unknown 1940
映画 The Marines Fly High Unknown 1940
映画 They Knew What They Wanted Unknown 1940
映画 Primrose Path Unknown 1940
映画 Phantom Raiders Unknown 1940
映画 Boom Town Unknown 1940
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映画 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Unknown 1939
映画 Another Thin Man Unknown 1939
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