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Michael Philip Jagger was born in Dartford, Kent on 26th July 1943. When he was 4 he met Keith Richards until they went into secondary schools and lost touch. But one day in 1960 they accidentally met on the Dartford train line and both realized that they had an interest in rock n roll combined with blues. Between 1960 and 1962 The Rolling Stones ...

経歴を確認する db | 経歴を確認する Wikipedia
Jul 26, 1943 In Dartford, Kent, England, UK
Movie/TV Credits:
In the series Beat! Beat! Beat!
映画 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 2017-07-01

Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 7 wins & 5 nominations.


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Series Verbotene Liebe Unknown 1995
映画 Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge Unknown 1995
映画 Queen: Champions of the World Himself 1995
映画 The Rolling Stones: Like a Rolling Stone Unknown 1995
Series Absolutely Fabulous Unknown 1994-07-24
Series Takin' Over the Asylum Unknown 1994
映画 The Brit Awards 1994 Unknown 1994-06-29
映画 Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge Souvenir Video Unknown 1994
映画 Mistah Unknown 1994
映画 The Rolling Stones: Love Is Strong Unknown 1994
映画 1994 MTV Video Music Awards Unknown 1994
映画 Conversations with the Rolling Stones Unknown 1994
Series Ritmo de la noche Unknown 1994
映画 The War Unknown 1994-11-04
Series La 2 noticias Unknown 1994-11-15
Series Extra Unknown 1994-09-05
映画 Ready to Wear Unknown 1994-12-25
Series Late Night with Conan O'Brien Unknown 1993-09-13
Series Late Show with David Letterman Unknown 1993-08-30
Series GMTV Unknown 1993-07-01
映画 Tina Turner: Girl from Nutbush Himself 1993-06-30
映画 Wayne and Garth's Saturday Night Live Music a Go-Go Himself 1993-03-14
映画 Chameleon of Pop: David Bowie Story Himself 1993
映画 Bluesland: A Portrait in American Music Unknown 1993
映画 Palm Harbor Vice 2: Brotherhood of the Monkey Unknown 1993
Series Brides of Christ Unknown 1993-06-13
Series Hollywood U.K. Unknown 1993-06-29
映画 Bowie: The Video Collection Unknown 1993
Series Dateline NBC Unknown 1992-03-31
Series Artour Himself 1992-01-22
映画 Freejack Vacendak 1992-01-17
Series The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Unknown 1992-05-25
Series Gomorron Unknown 1992-09-14
Series Granada Reports Unknown 1992-07-01
映画 Lapse of Memory Unknown 1992-01-08
映画 Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even Unknown 1992-05-08
映画 Léolo Unknown 1992
映画 1992 MTV Video Music Awards Unknown 1992
映画 At the Max Unknown 1991
映画 The Devil's Daughter Unknown 1991
映画 Out of Time Unknown 1991
映画 Queen: The Days of Our Lives Unknown 1991
Series MTV US Top 20 Countdown Unknown 1991
Series Vamp Unknown 1991-07-15
Series Stars in Their Eyes Unknown 1990-07-21
Series Beyond the Groove Unknown 1990-07-01
Series Tohuwabohu Unknown 1990-06-30
映画 Air America Unknown 1990-08-10
映画 State of Grace Unknown 1990-09-14
映画 Flashback Unknown 1990-02-02
映画 Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections Himself 1990-06-01
映画 Goodfellas Unknown 1990-09-21
映画 The Soup Dragons: I'm Free Unknown 1990
Series The Simpsons Unknown 1989-12-17
Series Unplugged Unknown 1989-10-31
Series Doogie Howser, M.D. Unknown 1989-09-19
映画 25x5: The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones Unknown 1989
Series Mystery Science Theater 3000 Unknown 1988-11-24
映画 Genesis: Live at Wembley Stadium Unknown 1988
Series Midnight Caller Unknown 1988-10-25
映画 Hana no asuka gumi! Unknown 1988
映画 Demented Top 20 Video Countdown Unknown 1988
映画 Tommys Hollywood Report Unknown 1988
Series Bains de minuit Unknown 1988
映画 Moonwalker Unknown 1988
映画 He's My Girl Unknown 1988-01-21
Series The Home Show Unknown 1988-01-18
映画 Satisfaction Unknown 1988-02-12
映画 Alien Nation Unknown 1988-10-07
Series This Morning Unknown 1988-10-03
映画 Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam Unknown 1988-09-01
映画 Running Out of Luck Unknown 1987
映画 Queen: Magic Years, Volume Three - A Visual Anthology Unknown 1987
Series Tour of Duty Unknown 1987-09-24
映画 Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll Unknown 1987
映画 Rock Odyssey Unknown 1987-07-13
Series X-Large Himself 1987-09-01
Series Rage Unknown 1987-07-01
Series Full House Unknown 1987-06-30
映画 Some Kind of Wonderful Unknown 1987-02-27
Series Biography Unknown 1987-04-06
映画 Elvis kissan jäljillä Unknown 1987
映画 Laughter in the Dark Unknown 1986
映画 Women in Rock Himself 1986
映画 The Rolling Stones: Harlem Shuffle Unknown 1986
映画 Sex Violence & Values: Changing Images Unknown 1986
映画 Aretha Franklin: Jumpin' Jack Flash Unknown 1986
映画 Portrait Werner Herzog Unknown 1986
映画 Raw Deal Unknown 1986-06-06
Series American Masters Unknown 1986-06-23
映画 Ruthless People Unknown 1986-06-27
映画 Jumpin' Jack Flash Unknown 1986-10-10
映画 At Close Range Unknown 1986-04-18
映画 Jimi Plays Monterey Unknown 1986
映画 Cinema Falado Unknown 1986
Series Extratour Unknown 1985
映画 Mick Jagger: Just Another Night Unknown 1985
映画 Ready Steady Go, Volume 2 Unknown 1985
映画 Live Aid Unknown 1985-07-13
Series Larry King Live Unknown 1985-06-03
Series Moonlighting Unknown 1985-03-03
映画 Blue Money Unknown 1985-03-01
映画 Perfect Unknown 1985-06-07
映画 David Bowie & Mick Jagger: Dancing in the Street Himself 1985-06-30
Series The Rock 'n' Roll Years Unknown 1985
Series Miami Vice Unknown 1984-09-16
Series Hunter Unknown 1984-09-18
映画 The Wild Life Unknown 1984-09-28
Series Hittimittari Unknown 1984-09-15
映画 Bette Midler: Beast of Burden Unknown 1984
映画 Video Rewind: The Rolling Stones' Great Video Hits Unknown 1984
映画 Blame It on the Night Unknown 1984
映画 Starman Unknown 1984-12-14
映画 Genesis: The Mama Tour Unknown 1984
映画 Christine Unknown 1983-12-09
映画 Ready Steady Go, Volume 1 Unknown 1983
Series De weg Unknown 1983-01-10
映画 The Rolling Stones: Undercover of the Night Unknown 1983
映画 The Big Chill Unknown 1983-09-30
Series Computer Chronicles Unknown 1983-06-30
映画 Bette Midler No Frills Unknown 1983
Series Vietnam: A Television History Unknown 1983
映画 Night Shift Unknown 1982-07-30
Series Faerie Tale Theatre Unknown 1982-09-11
Series Knight Rider Unknown 1982-09-26
Series Champs-Elysées Unknown 1982-01-09
映画 The Rolling Stones - Die ersten 20 Jahre Himself 1982-06-30
映画 Radio On Unknown 1982-04-01
映画 Shoot the Moon Unknown 1982-02-19
映画 Burden of Dreams Unknown 1982
映画 Sympathy for the Rolling Unknown 1982
映画 Let's Spend the Night Together Unknown 1982
Series Late Night with David Letterman Unknown 1982-02-01
映画 A Night at Halsted's Unknown 1982-06-28
映画 Remembrance Unknown 1982
映画 The Compleat Beatles Unknown 1982
Series Wetten, dass..? Unknown 1981-02-14
映画 ナイトホークス Unknown 1981-04-10
Series 20 heures le journal Unknown 1981-10-05
Series 13 heures le journal Unknown 1981-07-01
Series Entertainment Tonight Unknown 1981-09-14
映画 High Risk Unknown 1981-05-01
映画 Melvin and Howard Unknown 1980-09-19
映画 Divine Madness Unknown 1980-09-26
映画 Heroes of Rock and Roll Himself 1979-02-09
映画 Uncle Marin, the Billionaire Unknown 1979
Series CBS News Sunday Morning Unknown 1979-06-29
映画 Skatetown, U.S.A. Unknown 1979
映画 Apocalypse Now Unknown 1979-08-15
映画 FM Unknown 1978-04-20
Series WKRP in Cincinnati Unknown 1978-09-18
映画 Coming Home Unknown 1978-02-15
映画 The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash Unknown 1978
映画 Things We Did Last Summer Unknown 1978
映画 The Greek Tycoon Unknown 1978
映画 Wings of Ash: A Dramatization of the Life of Antonin Artaud Unknown 1978
Series The South Bank Show Unknown 1978-01-14
映画 The Best of the Rolling Stones Unknown 1977
Series All You Need Is Love Himself 1977-02-12
映画 The War Between the Tates Joe Freedom 1977-06-13
Series Radio with Pictures Unknown 1976
Series Q & Q Unknown 1976
映画 Temptations Unknown 1976
Series Les rendez-vous du dimanche Unknown 1976
Series Saturday Night Live Unknown 1975-10-11
映画 Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl Unknown 1975
映画 What's Behind the Groupies? Unknown 1975
Series Starsky and Hutch Unknown 1975-04-30
映画 Inside of Me Unknown 1975
映画 Fun Buns Contest Unknown 1975
Series Good Morning America Unknown 1975-01-06
Series You Must Be Joking! Unknown 1974-05-31
Series Derrick Unknown 1974-10-20
映画 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Cagney Unknown 1974
映画 The Millionairess Unknown 1974-03-01
映画 Mob Job Unknown 1974
Series Ungdomsredaktionen Unknown 1974
Series The Ernie Sigley Show Unknown 1974
映画 Satisfaction Unknown 1974
映画 Alice in the Cities Unknown 1974
Series The Graham Kennedy Show Unknown 1973
映画 Rock-a-bye Unknown 1973
映画 The London Rock and Roll Show Unknown 1973
Series Top à... Unknown 1973
映画 Rock City Unknown 1973
Series Eight Hours are Not a Day Unknown 1973
映画 Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones Unknown 1973
Series Rock Concert Unknown 1973-09-27
映画 Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues Unknown 1973-02-01
映画 Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Unknown 1973
映画 Mean Streets Unknown 1973-10-14
映画 Whatever Happened to Tin Pan Alley? Unknown 1972
映画 Rocker Unknown 1972
映画 Umano non umano Unknown 1972
映画 Apartment Girls Unknown 1972
映画 Cocksucker Blues Unknown 1972
映画 When the Music's Over... Unknown 1971
映画 Beaton by Bailey Unknown 1971
映画 Mad Dogs & Englishmen Unknown 1971-07-24
映画 Two-Lane Blacktop Unknown 1971
映画 Confessions of a Male Groupie Unknown 1971
Series The Two Ronnies Unknown 1971-04-10
映画 A Stone in the Bush Unknown 1970
映画 The Coming Thing Unknown 1970
映画 Ned Kelly Unknown 1970
Series Huset på Christianshavn Unknown 1970
映画 5 + 1 Unknown 1970
映画 Schlag auf Schlager Unknown 1970
映画 Zabriskie Point Unknown 1970-04-25
映画 Cucumber Castle Unknown 1970-12-26
映画 Pop Go the Sixties! Unknown 1969
映画 The Stones in the Park Unknown 1969
Series The David Frost Show Unknown 1969-07-07
映画 Invocation of My Demon Brother Unknown 1969
映画 Popcorn Unknown 1969
映画 Sympathy for the Devil Unknown 1968
Series Frost on Sunday Unknown 1968-08-04
Series 60 Minutes Unknown 1968-09-24
映画 Voices Unknown 1968
映画 The Sound of Change Unknown 1968
Series Frost on Saturday Unknown 1968-08-03
Series The Dick Cavett Show Unknown 1968-03-04
映画 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London Unknown 1967
映画 Our World Unknown 1967-06-25
映画 The Emperor Unknown 1967
Series Hoepla Unknown 1967-07-27
Series Omnibus Unknown 1967-10-13
映画 Made in U.S.A Unknown 1966
映画 The Big T.N.T. Show Unknown 1966
映画 The Rolling Stones Special Unknown 1966
Series Adam Adamant Lives! Unknown 1966
Series Beat! Beat! Beat! Unknown 1966
映画 4 Schlüssel Unknown 1966
Series A Whole Scene Going Unknown 1966-01-05
Series The London Palladium Show Unknown 1966-01-02
Series Hullabaloo Unknown 1965-01-12
Series Beat-Club Unknown 1965-09-25
映画 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert Unknown 1965
映画 The T.A.M.I. Show Unknown 1964
映画 The Glad Rag Ball Unknown 1964
Series Shindig! Unknown 1964-09-16
Series The Eamonn Andrews Show Unknown 1964-09-01
映画 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert Unknown 1964
映画 Big Beat '64 Unknown 1964
Series Hollywood a Go Go Unknown 1964-12-26
Series Upbeat Unknown 1964
Series The Go!! Show Unknown 1964-08-04
Series Cinema Unknown 1964-05-14
Series The Hollywood Palace Unknown 1964-01-04
Series Ready, Steady, Go! Unknown 1963-08-09
Series World in Action Unknown 1963-06-29
Series The Mike Douglas Show Unknown 1961-12-11
Series Juke Box Jury Unknown 1959-06-01
Series Today Unknown 1952-01-14
Series The Ed Sullivan Show Unknown 1948-06-20