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James Griffith

Ideal for playing swarthy villains, James Griffith's tall, dark and gaunt features and shady countenance invaded hundreds of film and TV dramas (and a few comedies) throughout his career on-camera. Highlighted by his arched brows, hooded eyes and prominent proboscis, heavy character work would be his largest source of income for nearly four ...

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Feb 13, 1916 In Los Angeles, California, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Phantom of the Jungle
Series The Gray Ghost 2017-07-01


Poster of U.S. Marshal
Poster of The Killing
Poster of Seven Alone
Poster of The Amazing Transparent Man
映画 The Killing Unknown 2018
映画 Son of Sinbad Unknown 2018
映画 Seven Alone Unknown 2018
映画 The Amazing Transparent Man Unknown 2018
Series The Gray Ghost Unknown 2017-07-01
映画 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Unknown 1981
映画 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Unknown 1980
Series Trapper John, M.D. Unknown 1979-09-23
Series Hart to Hart Unknown 1979-08-25
映画 Desperate Women Unknown 1978
Series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams Unknown 1978
Series B.J. and the Bear Unknown 1978-10-04
Series Dallas Unknown 1978-04-02
映画 Speedtrap Wino 1978-04-01
映画 The Gift Unknown 1977
Series Fantasy Island Unknown 1977-01-14
映画 Flood Unknown 1976
Series The Quest Unknown 1976-09-22
映画 Law of the Land Unknown 1976
映画 Babe Unknown 1975
Series Kolchak: The Night Stalker Unknown 1975
Series Isis Unknown 1975
Series S.W.A.T. Unknown 1975-02-17
Series Barbary Coast Unknown 1975-05-04
Series The Six Million Dollar Man Unknown 1974-01-18
映画 Hitchhike! Unknown 1974
Series Run, Joe, Run Unknown 1974
Series Little House on the Prairie Unknown 1974-03-30
Series Kojak Unknown 1973-03-08
Series Police Story Unknown 1973-03-20
Series Kung Fu Unknown 1972-02-22
Series The Streets of San Francisco Unknown 1972-09-16
Series Hec Ramsey Unknown 1972-10-08
Series Emergency! Joe Hosmer / ... 1972-01-15
映画 Catlow Unknown 1971
映画 Heaven with a Gun Abraham Murdock 1970-04-11
映画 Like It Is Unknown 1970
映画 Dial Hot Line Unknown 1970
Series The Bold Ones: The Senator Unknown 1970
映画 Seven in Darkness Unknown 1969
Series Medical Center Unknown 1969-04-17
映画 Hail, Hero! Unknown 1969
映画 Day of the Evil Gun Unknown 1968
映画 Shalako Unknown 1968
Series Lancer Unknown 1968-09-24
Series Mod Squad Unknown 1968-09-24
Series The Guns of Will Sonnett Unknown 1967-09-08
Series Batman Unknown 1966-01-12
Series A Man Called Shenandoah Unknown 1966
Series F Troop Unknown 1966
Series Iron Horse Unknown 1966-09-12
Series The Monroes Unknown 1966-09-07
Series Mission: Impossible Unknown 1966-09-17
映画 A Big Hand for the Little Lady Unknown 1966
Series The Monkees Unknown 1966-09-12
Series The Big Valley Unknown 1965-09-15
Series Laredo Unknown 1965-09-16
映画 Motorpsycho! Unknown 1965
Series Honey West Unknown 1965
映画 The Dog Troop Unknown 1964
映画 Russ Meyer's Lorna Unknown 1964
Series Slattery's People Unknown 1964-09-21
Series The Rogues Unknown 1964
Series Daniel Boone Unknown 1964-09-24
映画 Advance to the Rear Unknown 1964
Series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Unknown 1964-09-22
Series The Fugitive Unknown 1963-09-17
Series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Unknown 1963
Series The Great Adventure Unknown 1963-09-27
Series The Richard Boone Show Unknown 1963
Series The Littlest Hobo Unknown 1963
映画 Pocketful of Miracles Unknown 1962-02-15
Series G.E. True Unknown 1962-09-30
Series Empire Unknown 1962-09-25
Series The Virginian Unknown 1962-09-19
映画 How the West Was Won Unknown 1962
Series Shannon Unknown 1962
Series Dr. Kildare Unknown 1961-09-28
Series Alcoa Premiere Unknown 1961-10-10
Series Ben Casey Unknown 1961-10-02
Series The Tall Man Unknown 1961
映画 Morgan keibu to nazô no otoko Unknown 1961
Series Shotgun Slade Unknown 1960
映画 Spartacus Unknown 1960
Series Outlaws Unknown 1960-09-29
Series Klondike Unknown 1960-10-10
Series Two Faces West Unknown 1960-10-17
Series My Three Sons Unknown 1960-09-29
Series Checkmate Unknown 1960-09-17
映画 North to Alaska Unknown 1960
Series Thriller Unknown 1960-09-13
Series Stagecoach West Unknown 1960
Series The Untouchables Unknown 1959-01-22
Series Riverboat Unknown 1959-09-13
Series Rawhide Unknown 1959-01-09
Series The Lawless Years Unknown 1959-04-16
Series The Deputy Unknown 1959-09-12
Series Laramie Unknown 1959-09-15
Series Lock Up Unknown 1959-09-26
映画 The Big Fisherman Unknown 1959
Series Philip Marlowe Unknown 1959
Series Bonanza Unknown 1959-09-12
Series Wichita Town Unknown 1959-09-30
Series Man Without a Gun Unknown 1959
Series The Restless Gun Unknown 1958
映画 Return to Warbow Unknown 1958
映画 Frontier Gun Unknown 1958
映画 Bullwhip Unknown 1958
映画 Seven Guns to Mesa Unknown 1958
映画 Man from God's Country Unknown 1958
Series Frontier Justice Unknown 1958
Series The Sheriff of Cochise Unknown 1958
Series Jefferson Drum Unknown 1958
Series The Texan Unknown 1958-09-29
Series Rescue 8 Unknown 1958-09-23
Series Steve Canyon Unknown 1958-09-13
Series Buckskin Unknown 1958-07-03
Series Lawman Unknown 1958-10-05
Series Bronco Unknown 1958-09-23
Series Cimarron City Unknown 1958-10-11
Series The Walter Winchell File Unknown 1958
Series U.S. Marshal Deputy Tom Ferguson / ... 1958-10-11
Series Perry Mason Unknown 1957-09-21
Series M Squad Unknown 1957-09-20
Series Have Gun - Will Travel Unknown 1957-09-14
映画 Omar Khayyam Unknown 1957
Series Wagon Train Unknown 1957-09-18
Series Maverick Unknown 1957-09-22
Series Trackdown Unknown 1957-10-04
映画 Domino Kid Unknown 1957
映画 The Vampire Unknown 1957
映画 Raintree County Unknown 1957
映画 The Guns of Fort Petticoat Unknown 1957
Series The Californians Unknown 1957-09-24
Series Tales of Wells Fargo Unknown 1957-03-18
Series Official Detective Unknown 1957
Series Zorro Unknown 1957
Series Code 3 Unknown 1957
Series Chevron Hall of Stars Unknown 1956
Series Zane Grey Theater Unknown 1956-10-05
映画 Anything Goes Unknown 1956
Series Broken Arrow Unknown 1956-09-25
Series The Ford Television Theatre Unknown 1956
映画 The First Texan Unknown 1956
映画 Rebel in Town Unknown 1956
Series The Adventures of Jim Bowie Unknown 1956
映画 Renegade Satellite Unknown 1956
映画 Manhunt in Space Unknown 1956
映画 Tribute to a Bad Man Barjak 1956-04-01
Series Frontier Unknown 1955
Series Cheyenne Unknown 1955-09-20
映画 The Night of the Hunter Unknown 1955
Series Matinee Theatre Unknown 1955-10-31
映画 I Cover the Underworld Unknown 1955
映画 At Gunpoint Unknown 1955
Series The Gene Autry Show Unknown 1955
映画 The Kentuckian Unknown 1955
Series Gunsmoke Unknown 1955-09-10
Series The 20th Century-Fox Hour Sgt. Pickens / ... 1955-10-05
Series Annie Oakley Unknown 1955
Series The Millionaire Unknown 1955-01-19
映画 Phantom of the Jungle Unknown 1955
映画 Apache Ambush Unknown 1955
映画 Count Three and Pray Unknown 1955
Series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Unknown 1955-09-06
Series Buffalo Bill, Jr. Unknown 1955-03-01
映画 The Black Dakotas Unknown 1954
Series The Lineup Unknown 1954-10-01
映画 Ride Clear of Diablo Unknown 1954
映画 Jesse James vs. the Daltons Unknown 1954
映画 Masterson of Kansas Unknown 1954
Series Hopalong Cassidy Unknown 1954
映画 Rails Into Laramie Unknown 1954
映画 The Boy from Oklahoma Unknown 1954
映画 Dragnet Unknown 1954
映画 The Law vs. Billy the Kid Unknown 1954
Series Waterfront Unknown 1954-02-01
映画 Drum Beat Unknown 1954
Series Lassie Unknown 1954-09-12
映画 The Shanghai Story Unknown 1954
Series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger Unknown 1954
映画 Day of Triumph Unknown 1954
映画 The Kid from Left Field Unknown 1953
Series General Electric Theater Unknown 1953-02-01
Series Ramar of the Jungle Unknown 1953
映画 A Lion Is in the Streets Unknown 1953
Series City Detective Unknown 1953
映画 Kansas Pacific Unknown 1953
映画 Powder River Unknown 1953
映画 I Beheld His Glory Unknown 1953
映画 No Escape Unknown 1953
映画 Eight Iron Men Unknown 1952
Series Dangerous Assignment Unknown 1952
Series Cavalcade of America Abraham Lincoln / ... 1952-10-01
Series Your Jeweler's Showcase Unknown 1952
映画 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie Unknown 1952
映画 Red Skies of Montana Unknown 1952
Series Death Valley Days Unknown 1952-03-06
映画 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Unknown 1952
Series The Living Christ Series Unknown 1951
映画 Drums in the Deep South Unknown 1951
映画 Chain of Circumstance Unknown 1951
映画 Al Jennings of Oklahoma Unknown 1951
映画 The Blue Veil Unknown 1951
映画 Goodbye, My Fancy Unknown 1951
映画 Rhubarb Unknown 1951
映画 As Young as You Feel Unknown 1951
映画 The Lady Pays Off Unknown 1951
映画 Payment on Demand Unknown 1951
映画 Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison Unknown 1951
Series The Range Rider Unknown 1951
映画 The Great Missouri Raid Unknown 1951
映画 Apache Drums Unknown 1951
Series Dragnet Unknown 1951-12-16
Series Schlitz Playhouse Unknown 1951-10-05
映画 Indian Territory Unknown 1950
映画 Stage to Tucson Unknown 1950
映画 Double Deal Unknown 1950
映画 The Petty Girl Unknown 1950
映画 The Breaking Point Unknown 1950
映画 Bright Leaf Unknown 1950-07-02
映画 The Cariboo Trail Unknown 1950
Series Lux Video Theatre Unknown 1950-10-02
映画 Search for Danger Unknown 1949
Series Life of St. Paul Series Unknown 1949
映画 Daughter of the West Unknown 1949
映画 Special Agent Unknown 1949
映画 Alaska Patrol Unknown 1949
映画 Oh, You Beautiful Doll Unknown 1949
映画 Fighting Man of the Plains Unknown 1949
Series Fireside Theatre Unknown 1949-04-05
映画 Holiday Affair Unknown 1949
Series The Lone Ranger Unknown 1949-09-15
映画 Appointment with Murder Unknown 1948
映画 Blonde Ice Unknown 1948
映画 Every Girl Should Be Married Unknown 1948
Series Family Theatre Unknown 0