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Florence Lake was born on November 27, 1904 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA as Florence Silverlake. She was an actress, known for The Day of the Locust (1975), Romance (1930) and Dummy Ache (1936). She died on April 11, 1980 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Nov 27, 1904 In Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Variety Time
映画 The Day of the Locust 1976-02-07


Poster of The Day of the Locust
Poster of It's Your Move
Poster of Dummy Ache
Poster of Romance
映画 Dummy Ache Unknown 2018
映画 Romance Unknown 2018
映画 It's Your Move Unknown 2018
映画 The Day of the Locust Unknown 1976-02-07
Series The Carol Burnett Show Unknown 1975
映画 Long Way Home Grandma Boggs 1975-09-07
Series Baretta Unknown 1975-01-17
Series The Family Holvak Unknown 1975
映画 Happy Anniversary and Goodbye Unknown 1974
映画 Welcome to Arrow Beach Unknown 1974
映画 The Fess Parker Show Unknown 1974
映画 Live Again, Die Again Unknown 1974
Series Apple's Way Unknown 1974-02-10
Series The Rockford Files Unknown 1974-03-27
Series Police Woman Unknown 1974-09-13
Series A Touch of Grace Unknown 1973-01-20
映画 The Girl Most Likely to... Unknown 1973-11-06
映画 Time to Run Unknown 1973
映画 Frasier, the Sensuous Lion Unknown 1973
Series The New Temperatures Rising Show Unknown 1972-09-12
Series The Bold Ones: The New Doctors Unknown 1972
Series Emergency! Maggie / ... 1972-01-15
Series The Sixth Sense Unknown 1972-01-15
Series The Smith Family Unknown 1971
Series Nichols Unknown 1971-09-16
Series Banyon Unknown 1971-03-15
Series Mary Tyler Moore Unknown 1970-09-19
Series The Bold Ones: The Senator Unknown 1970
Series Headmaster Unknown 1970
映画 Savage Intruder Unknown 1970
Series Marcus Welby, M.D. Unknown 1969-03-26
Series Here's Lucy Unknown 1968-09-23
Series Mod Squad Unknown 1968-09-24
Series The Doris Day Show Unknown 1968-09-24
Series Adam-12 Unknown 1968-09-21
Series Mr. Terrific Unknown 1967
Series The Jerry Lewis Show Unknown 1967-09-12
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Series Dragnet 1967 Unknown 1967-01-12
映画 The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Unknown 1966
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Series Petticoat Junction Unknown 1963-09-24
Series Lock Up Unknown 1959-09-26
Series The Untouchables Unknown 1959-01-22
Series The Dennis O'Keefe Show Unknown 1959
映画 Guns Don't Argue Unknown 1957
Series Adventures of Superman Unknown 1956
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Series The Red Skelton Hour Unknown 1951-09-30
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映画 Ambush Unknown 1950
映画 The Stratton Story Unknown 1949
Series The Lone Ranger Unknown 1949-09-15
映画 Dig That Gold Unknown 1948
映画 No More Relatives Unknown 1948
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Series Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 12 Unknown 1930
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