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Philip Ray

Philip Ray was born on November 1, 1898 in Streatham, London, England as Roy Edgar Cochrane. He was an actor, known for Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966), Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) and A Night to Remember (1958). He died on May 11, 1978 in Kingston-upon-Thames, England.

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Nov 1, 1898 In Streatham, London, England, UK
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Sssowing the Ssseedss
Series Doctor Who 1975-09-29


Poster of A Night to Remember
Poster of Dracula: Prince of Darkness
Poster of Frankenstein Created Woman
Poster of The Food of Love
映画 The Food of Love Unknown 2018
映画 Sssowing the Ssseedss Unknown 2003
Series Doctor Who Unknown 1975-09-29
Series Little Big Time Unknown 1973
Series Thursday's Child Unknown 1973
Series The Moonstone Unknown 1972
Series Treasure Over the Water Unknown 1972
Series Fathers and Sons Unknown 1971
Series Sentimental Education Unknown 1970
Series Little Women Unknown 1970
Series The Doctors Unknown 1969-11-19
Series Hadleigh Unknown 1969-09-16
Series The First Lady Unknown 1968
Series Pere Goriot Unknown 1968
Series Point Counter Point Unknown 1968
Series Dr. Finlay's Casebook Unknown 1967
Series Angel Pavement Unknown 1967
Series Conqueror's Road Unknown 1967
映画 Frankenstein Created Woman Unknown 1967
Series The Forsyte Saga Unknown 1967
Series Vanity Fair Unknown 1967
映画 Dracula: Prince of Darkness Unknown 1966
Series Quick Before They Catch Us Unknown 1966
Series The Newcomers Unknown 1966
Series Reluctant Bandit Unknown 1965
Series The Mind of the Enemy Unknown 1965
Series Public Eye Unknown 1965-01-23
Series Heiress of Garth Unknown 1965
Series The Flying Swan Unknown 1965-03-27
Series Jury Room Unknown 1965
Series Mogul Unknown 1965-07-07
Series The Mill on the Floss Unknown 1965
Series The Old Wives' Tale Unknown 1964
Series Gideon C.I.D. Unknown 1964-11-14
Series Detective Unknown 1964-03-30
映画 Devil Doll Unknown 1964
Series Silas Marner Unknown 1964
Series Rupert of Hentzau Unknown 1964
映画 Panic Unknown 1963
映画 The Mind Benders Unknown 1963
Series The Six Proud Walkers Unknown 1962
映画 Backfire Unknown 1962
映画 In the Doghouse Unknown 1962
Series Silent Evidence Unknown 1962
Series The Cheaters Unknown 1962
Series Z Cars Unknown 1962-01-02
Series Compact Unknown 1962
Series The Old Curiosity Shop Unknown 1962
Series The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre Unknown 1962
Series Harpers West One Unknown 1961
Series Tales of Mystery Unknown 1961
Series Ghost Squad Unknown 1961-09-09
映画 No Love for Johnnie Unknown 1961
Series The Secret Kingdom Unknown 1960
Series Emma Unknown 1960
映画 Sons and Lovers Unknown 1960
映画 The Adventures of Alice Unknown 1960
映画 The Last Train Unknown 1960
Series Bonehead Unknown 1960
Series Strife Unknown 1960
Series A Life of Bliss Unknown 1960
Series The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Unknown 1960
Series Deadline Midnight Unknown 1960-06-13
映画 From Out of the West Unknown 1959
Series The Flying Doctor Unknown 1959
映画 Sapphire Unknown 1959
Series No Hiding Place Unknown 1959-09-16
映画 Date at Midnight Unknown 1959
Series Ask for King Billy Unknown 1959
Series Maigret Unknown 1959-04-12
Series Interpol Calling Unknown 1959
Series The Invisible Armies Unknown 1958
映画 Dunkirk Unknown 1958
Series Starr and Company Unknown 1958
映画 A Night to Remember Unknown 1958-12-16
Series Saturday Playhouse Dr. Madoc Price / ... 1958-01-04
Series Emergency-Ward 10 Unknown 1957-02-19
映画 The Secret Place Unknown 1957
映画 Count Five and Die Unknown 1957
Series The Adventures of Robin Hood Unknown 1957
映画 No Road Back Unknown 1957
Series Hancock's Half Hour Unknown 1956
Series Boyd Q.C. Unknown 1956-12-24
Series Armchair Theatre Unknown 1956-07-08
映画 The Extra Day Unknown 1956
Series Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Unknown 1956
Series Bill Radford: Reporter Unknown 1956
Series New Ramps for Old Unknown 1956
映画 Flash Unknown 1956
Series Adventure Theater Unknown 1956
Series Rex Milligan Unknown 1956
Series Theatre Royal Unknown 1956
映画 The Dragon Embellishment Unknown 1956
Series Dixon of Dock Green Unknown 1955-07-09
映画 Shadow of Fear Unknown 1955
映画 Passage Home Unknown 1955-04-01
Series The Mulberry Accelerator Unknown 1955
映画 Where There's a Will Unknown 1955
映画 Barnet's Folly Unknown 1955
Series Sailor of Fortune Unknown 1955-09-30
Series ITV Television Playhouse Doctor Dozous / ... 1955-09-24
Series ITV Play of the Week Unknown 1955-09-01
Series Patrol Car Unknown 1955
Series The Blakes Unknown 1955
映画 The Good Die Young Unknown 1954
映画 The Maid of Domrémy Unknown 1954
Series The Windmill Family Unknown 1954
映画 Hell Below Zero Unknown 1954
Series Worzel Gummidge Turns Detective Unknown 1953
映画 Follow the Plough Unknown 1953
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Series Rheingold Theatre Unknown 1953
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映画 Gilbert and Sullivan Unknown 1953
映画 Project M7 Unknown 1953
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Series Midshipman Barney Unknown 1951
映画 Fortune in Diamonds Unknown 1951
Series For the Children Unknown 1951
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映画 Night and the City Unknown 1950
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映画 No Place for Jennifer Unknown 1950
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映画 The October Man Unknown 1947
映画 Fame Is the Spur Unknown 1947
映画 The Green Finger Unknown 1946
映画 Chamber of Horrors Unknown 1940
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映画 The Nursemaid Who Disappeared Unknown 1939
映画 Jamaica Inn Unknown 1939
映画 Mystery of Room 13 Unknown 1938
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映画 George Takes the Air Unknown 1938
映画 The Perfect Crime Unknown 1937
映画 Troopship Unknown 1937
映画 The Man Who Made Diamonds Unknown 1937
映画 Murder on Diamond Row Unknown 1937
映画 Dark Journey Unknown 1937
映画 Twelve Good Men Unknown 1936
映画 Find the Lady Unknown 1936
映画 Not So Dusty Unknown 1936
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映画 Blue Smoke Unknown 1935
映画 Old Roses Unknown 1935