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John Anderson

A tall, sinewy, austere-looking character actor with silver hair, rugged features and a distinctive voice, John Robert Anderson left an impressive legacy of literally hundreds of film and TV credits. Immensely versatile, he was at his best submerging himself in the role of historical figures (he impersonated Abraham Lincoln three times and twice ...

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Oct 20, 1922 In Clayton, Illinois, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
Series Target 2017-07-01

1 win.


Poster of Smokey and the Bandit II
Poster of Soldier Blue
Poster of Ride the High Country
Poster of Psycho
映画 Landfall John 2018
Series Target Unknown 2017-07-01
映画 Debating Our Destiny: Presidential Debate Moments That Shaped History Himself 2012-10-02
映画 Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone Unknown 1994
Series Gladiators Himself - Referee 1992-10-10
映画 Bed of Lies Price Daniel, Sr. 1992-01-20
映画 Daddy George Watson 1991-10-23
映画 In Broad Daylight Wes Westerman 1991-02-03
映画 Babe Ruth Judge Landis 1991-10-01
映画 Follow Your Heart Unknown 1990
Series Shannon's Deal Unknown 1990-04-13
映画 Deadly Innocents Unknown 1989
Series Quantum Leap Unknown 1989-03-26
映画 Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal Unknown 1989
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Unknown 1989
Series Knightwatch Unknown 1988-11-10
Series Baby Boom Unknown 1988-09-10
映画 Eight Men Out Unknown 1988-09-02
Series Annie McGuire Unknown 1988
映画 American Harvest Unknown 1987
Series Jake and the Fatman Unknown 1987-09-26
Series Mathnet Unknown 1987-07-01
Series Square One Television Unknown 1987-01-26
映画 Never Too Young to Die Unknown 1986
映画 Scorpion Unknown 1986
映画 Amerasia Unknown 1986
Series Dream West Brig. Gen. Brooke 1986-04-13
Series Our House Unknown 1986-09-11
Series Starman Unknown 1986-09-19
Series Heart of the City Unknown 1986-09-20
Series Perfect Strangers Unknown 1986-03-25
Series Matlock Unknown 1986-03-03
映画 Hardesty House Unknown 1986
Series MacGyver Unknown 1985-09-29
Series North and South William Hazard 1985-11-03
映画 Sins of the Past Unknown 1984
Series Scarecrow and Mrs. King Unknown 1984
Series Jessie Unknown 1984-09-18
Series Hunter Unknown 1984-09-18
Series Riptide Unknown 1984-01-03
Series Murder, She Wrote Unknown 1984-09-30
Series Voyagers! Unknown 1982-10-03
映画 Missing Children: A Mother's Story Unknown 1982
映画 The First Time Paul Cooper 1982-11-08
映画 The American Adventure Mark Twain / Franklin D. Roosevelt 1982-10-01
Series Matt Houston Unknown 1982-09-26
Series Tom Cottle: Up Close Unknown 1982
映画 Zoot Suit Judge F.W. Charles 1982-01-01
映画 Out of the Blue Unknown 1982-04-01
Series Bret Maverick Unknown 1982
Series Silver Spoons Unknown 1982-09-25
Series Checking In Unknown 1981
Series The Fall Guy Unknown 1981-11-04
Series The Greatest American Hero Unknown 1981-03-18
Series Tenspeed and Brown Shoe Unknown 1980-01-27
Series Sanford Unknown 1980-03-15
映画 Smokey and the Bandit II Governor 1980-08-15
Series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Unknown 1980
映画 In Search of Historic Jesus Unknown 1979
Series Hart to Hart Unknown 1979-08-25
Series $weepstake$ Unknown 1979-01-26
Series Backstairs at the White House Unknown 1979
Series Dallas Unknown 1978-04-02
映画 The Deerslayer Unknown 1978
映画 Donner Pass: The Road to Survival Unknown 1978
Series Project U.F.O. Unknown 1978
映画 The Last Hurrah Unknown 1977
映画 The Lincoln Conspiracy Unknown 1977
映画 Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion Unknown 1977
Series Lou Grant Unknown 1977-09-20
映画 America at the Movies Unknown 1977-10-12
Series ABC Weekend Specials Unknown 1977-01-29
Series The Incredible Hulk Unknown 1977-11-04
映画 Tail Gunner Joe Unknown 1977-02-06
映画 The Force of Evil Unknown 1977
Series Tales of the Unexpected Unknown 1977
映画 Bridger President Andrew Jackson 1976-09-10
Series The Quest Unknown 1976-09-22
Series Once an Eagle George Varney 1976-12-02
映画 The Quest Unknown 1976
Series Quincy M.E. Unknown 1976-10-03
Series Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II Unknown 1976
映画 The Dark Side of Innocence Unknown 1976
Series The Jeffersons Unknown 1975-01-18
Series The Family Holvak Unknown 1975
映画 Death Among Friends Unknown 1975
映画 The Specialist Unknown 1975
映画 Dead Man on the Run Unknown 1975
Series Bronk Unknown 1975-04-17
映画 The Dove Unknown 1974
映画 Manhunter Aaron Denver 1974-02-26
Series Little House on the Prairie Unknown 1974-03-30
映画 Smile Jenny, You're Dead Col. John Lockport 1974-02-03
映画 Lincoln: Trial by Fire Unknown 1974
Series The Rockford Files Unknown 1974-03-27
映画 Heatwave! Unknown 1974
Series Petrocelli Unknown 1974-09-11
映画 Call to Danger Unknown 1973
Series Barnaby Jones Unknown 1973-01-28
映画 Egan J.R. King 1973-09-18
映画 Set This Town on Fire Unknown 1973
映画 Executive Action Unknown 1973
映画 Counselor at Crime Unknown 1973
映画 Brock's Last Case Unknown 1973
Series Hec Ramsey Unknown 1972-10-08
Series Emergency! Captain Bob Roberts 1972-01-15
Series The Sixth Sense Unknown 1972-01-15
映画 Molly and Lawless John Unknown 1972
Series M*A*S*H Unknown 1972-09-17
Series Kung Fu Unknown 1972-02-22
Series The Bob Newhart Show Unknown 1972-09-16
映画 The Stepmother Unknown 1972
Series Bearcats! Unknown 1971
映画 Young Billy Young Boone 1971-09-11
映画 Man and Boy Unknown 1971
Series Cannon Unknown 1971-09-14
映画 Hitched Jomer Cruett 1971-03-31
Series Cade's County Unknown 1971-09-19
Series McMillan & Wife Unknown 1971-09-17
映画 Soldier Blue Col. Iverson 1971-02-13
映画 Heaven with a Gun Asa Beck 1970-04-11
映画 Cotton Comes to Harlem Unknown 1970
映画 The Andersonville Trial Unknown 1970
映画 The Animals Unknown 1970
映画 5 Card Stud Marshal Dana 1969-04-09
映画 The Great Bank Robbery Unknown 1969
Series Lancer Unknown 1968-09-24
映画 A Man Called Gannon Capper 1968-12-18
Series Hawaii Five-O Unknown 1968-09-20
映画 Massacre Harbor Unknown 1968
映画 Day of the Evil Gun Unknown 1968
Series Here Come the Brides Unknown 1968
Series Dundee and the Culhane Unknown 1967-09-06
映画 Welcome to Hard Times Unknown 1967
Series Mannix Unknown 1967-09-16
映画 A Covenant with Death Unknown 1967
Series Cimarron Strip Unknown 1967-09-07
Series The Wackiest Ship in the Army Unknown 1966
Series A Man Called Shenandoah Unknown 1966
Series Occasional Wife Unknown 1966-09-13
Series Iron Horse Unknown 1966-09-12
Series The Road West Unknown 1966-09-12
Series Tarzan Unknown 1966-09-08
映画 Namu, the Killer Whale Unknown 1966
Series The Rat Patrol Unknown 1966-09-12
Series The Felony Squad Unknown 1966-09-12
映画 Scalplock Unknown 1966
映画 The Fortune Cookie Unknown 1966-10-19
Series The Big Valley Unknown 1965-09-15
映画 The Satan Bug Agent Reagan 1965-04-18
映画 The Hallelujah Trail Unknown 1965
Series The F.B.I. Unknown 1965-09-16
Series The Legend of Jesse James Unknown 1965
Series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Unknown 1964-09-14
Series The Dick Powell Theatre Unknown 1963
Series Kraft Suspense Theatre Unknown 1963-10-10
Series The Lieutenant Unknown 1963-09-14
Series Redigo Unknown 1963
Series My Favorite Martian Unknown 1963-09-29
Series The Outer Limits Unknown 1963-09-16
Series The Fugitive Unknown 1963-09-17
Series The Great Adventure Unknown 1963-09-27
映画 Walk on the Wild Side Unknown 1962
Series The Eleventh Hour Unknown 1962-10-03
Series The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Unknown 1962-09-20
Series Sam Benedict Unknown 1962-09-15
映画 Ride the High Country Elder Hammond 1962-07-14
映画 Geronimo Unknown 1962
Series The Virginian Unknown 1962-09-19
Series Stoney Burke Unknown 1962-10-01
Series Ben Casey Unknown 1961-10-02
Series Frontier Circus Unknown 1961-10-05
Series Dr. Kildare Unknown 1961-09-28
Series Kraft Mystery Theater Sheriff Jim Seay 1961-06-14
Series Cain's Hundred Unknown 1961-09-19
Series Alcoa Premiere Unknown 1961-10-10
Series King of Diamonds Unknown 1961
Series 87th Precinct Unknown 1961-09-25
Series The Tall Man Unknown 1961
Series Peter Loves Mary Unknown 1961
Series Dante Unknown 1960
Series Law of the Plainsman Unknown 1960
映画 The Wackiest Ship in the Army Unknown 1960-12-29
Series The Westerner Unknown 1960
映画 Le olimpiadi dei mariti Unknown 1960
Series Wanted: Dead or Alive Unknown 1960
Series Stagecoach West Unknown 1960
Series Harrigan and Son Unknown 1960
Series Overland Trail Unknown 1960-02-07
Series Insight Unknown 1960-10-02
映画 Psycho California Charlie 1960-09-08
Series Outlaws Unknown 1960-09-29
Series Thriller Unknown 1960-09-13
Series Route 66 Unknown 1960-10-07
映画 Last Train from Gun Hill Unknown 1959
Series Man Without a Gun Unknown 1959
Series Bonanza Unknown 1959-09-12
Series The Twilight Zone Unknown 1959-10-02
Series The Rebel Unknown 1959-10-04
Series Johnny Ringo Unknown 1959-10-01
Series Laramie Unknown 1959-09-15
Series Rawhide Unknown 1959-01-09
Series Black Saddle Unknown 1959-01-10
Series Adventures in Paradise Unknown 1959-10-05
Series The Untouchables Unknown 1959-01-22
Series The Man from Blackhawk Unknown 1959
Series Richard Diamond, Private Detective Unknown 1959
Series The Detectives Unknown 1959-10-16
Series The Rough Riders Unknown 1958-10-02
Series The Rifleman Unknown 1958-09-30
Series Bronco Unknown 1958-09-23
Series Peter Gunn Unknown 1958-09-22
Series Mike Hammer Unknown 1958-01-07
Series Steve Canyon Unknown 1958-09-13
Series Yancy Derringer Unknown 1958-10-02
Series Cimarron City Unknown 1958-10-11
Series The Walter Winchell File Unknown 1958
映画 The True Story of Lynn Stuart Unknown 1958
Series Sea Hunt Unknown 1958-01-04
Series The Court of Last Resort Unknown 1958
Series Bat Masterson Unknown 1958-10-08
Series U.S. Marshal Unknown 1958-10-11
Series Lawman Unknown 1958-10-05
Series Tombstone Territory Unknown 1957-10-16
Series Tales of Wells Fargo Unknown 1957-03-18
Series The Phil Silvers Show Unknown 1957
Series Have Gun - Will Travel Unknown 1957-09-14
Series Perry Mason Unknown 1957-09-21
Series Alcoa Theatre Unknown 1957-10-07
Series Trackdown Unknown 1957-10-04
Series The Californians Unknown 1957-09-24
Series Zane Grey Theater Unknown 1956-10-05
Series Gunsmoke Unknown 1955-09-10
映画 Target Zero Unknown 1955
Series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Unknown 1955-09-06
Series Alfred Hitchcock Presents Unknown 1955-10-02
Series Cheyenne Unknown 1955-09-20
Series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Unknown 1954-10-27
Series Lassie Unknown 1954-09-12
映画 The Eddie Cantor Story Unknown 1953
映画 Bread of Freedom Unknown 1952
Series Death Valley Days Unknown 1952-03-06
Series Gang Busters Unknown 1952
Series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Unknown 1952-10-03
Series Cavalcade of America Unknown 1952-10-01
Series Rocky King, Detective Unknown 1950
Series Fireside Theatre Unknown 1949-04-05
映画 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball Unknown 1946