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Geoffrey Palmer

Born in London on June 4th, 1927, Geoffrey Palmer worked in an imports office and then as an accountant before his girlfriend persuaded him to join the local amateur dramatics society. Eventually he became assistant stage manager at Croydon's Grand Theatre, and then spent several years touring with rep. His first roles on TV came in comedy series ...

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Jun 4, 1927 In London, England, UK
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Going Underground
Series The Alan Titchmarsh Show 2017-06-28


Poster of Paddington
Poster of Tomorrow Never Dies
Poster of A Fish Called Wanda
Poster of As Time Goes By
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Series The Alan Titchmarsh Show Unknown 2017-06-28
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Series ITV Sunday Night Drama Unknown 2017-06-25
映画 Paddington Head Geographer 2015-01-16
Series Artsnight Unknown 2015-03-06
Series Britain's Best Loved Sitcoms Unknown 2015
Series Twin Towns Himself - Narrator 2014-04-15
映画 The Last Sparks of Sundown Sir Buster Sparks 2014-10-17
Series The Hollow Crown Unknown 2013-09-20
Series Parade's End Unknown 2013-02-26
映画 Queen Victoria's Last Love Unknown 2012
映画 Bert & Dickie Charles Burnell 2012-07-25
映画 W.E. Stanley Baldwin 2012-11-03
映画 Run for Your Wife Unknown 2012
映画 Race Against Time Unknown 2011
映画 Lost Christmas Dr. Clarence 2011-12-11
Series North by Northamptonshire Unknown 2011
Series The Many Faces of... Unknown 2010-12-19
Series Rev. Unknown 2010-06-28
Series Grandpa in My Pocket Unknown 2010
映画 Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened Unknown 2009
映画 Fawlty Exclusive: Basil's Best Bits Unknown 2009
映画 The Pink Panther 2 Joubert 2009-02-06
映画 Stars on the Street Unknown 2009-12-19
Series Ashes to Ashes Unknown 2009-03-07
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Series Chateau Monty Unknown 2008
Series How TV Changed Britain Unknown 2008
映画 Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley Unknown 2008
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映画 What Lies Beneath Unknown 2008-01-14
Series Grumpy Old Holidays Unknown 2006
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Series Doctor Who Unknown 2006-03-17
Series The One Show Unknown 2006-08-14
映画 Flushed Away Unknown 2006-11-03
Series The Play's the Thing Narrator 2006-06-12
映画 The Funny Blokes of British Comedy Unknown 2005
Series Doctor Who Confidential Unknown 2005-03-26
映画 Piccadilly Jim Unknown 2005
映画 The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag Unknown 2005
Series He Knew He Was Right Sir Marmaduke Rowley 2004-04-18
映画 Peter Pan Unknown 2003
Series Grumpy Old Men Narrator 2003-10-09
映画 Looking for Victoria Himself - Narrator 2003-10-27
Series Comedy Connections Unknown 2003-06-09
Series Absolute Power Unknown 2003-11-10
Series Dickens Thackeray 2003-12-17
映画 The Young Visiters Minnit 2003-12-26
Series Revealed Unknown 2002-10-09
Series Timeshift Narrator 2002-10-05
映画 The Real George V Unknown 2002
映画 Judi Dench: A BAFTA Tribute Unknown 2002-01-12
Series Stig of the Dump Robert 2002-01-13
Series Middle Classes: Their Rise and Sprawl Unknown 2001
Series The 1940s House Unknown 2001
Series The Savages Donald 2001-04-24
映画 Rat The Doctor 2000-10-06
映画 Butterflies Reunion Special Unknown 2000
映画 The Science of Stress Unknown 2000
映画 The Comedy Trail: A Shaggy Dog Story Unknown 1999
Series Loose Women Unknown 1999-09-06
映画 Anna and the King Lord John Bradley 1999-12-17
映画 Stiff Upper Lips Unknown 1998
映画 Comic Relief Presents the Pick of the Nose Unknown 1998-06-29
映画 Reckless: The Sequel Unknown 1998
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映画 Mrs Brown Henry Ponsonby 1997-10-03
映画 Countdown to Tomorrow Unknown 1997-12-30
Series The Legacy of Reginald Perrin Unknown 1996
Series As Time Goes By Unknown 1995
Series Heroes of Comedy Unknown 1995-01-01
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Series Christabel Mr. Burton 1988-11-16
Series The ITV Play Tom 1988-07-02
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映画 Comic Relief Unknown 1988-02-05
映画 A Fish Called Wanda Unknown 1988
Series Hot Metal Unknown 1986
Series Executive Stress Unknown 1986-10-02
映画 Season's Greetings Unknown 1986
映画 Clockwise Unknown 1986-10-10
映画 Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms, London & Oxfordshire, 1985 Unknown 1985
Series Summer Season Unknown 1985-06-11
映画 A Zed & Two Noughts Unknown 1985
Series Screen Two Unknown 1985-01-06
Series The Kenny Everett Television Show Unknown 1985
映画 Absurd Person Singular Unknown 1985
Series Oxbridge Blues Unknown 1984-11-14
Series Fairly Secret Army Major Harry Kitchener Wellington Truscott 1984-10-22
映画 Beyond the Limit Belfrage: British Ambassador 1983-09-30
映画 Waters of the Moon Unknown 1983
Series Natural World Unknown 1983-10-30
Series Death of an Expert Witness Unknown 1983
Series Whoops Apocalypse Foreign Secretary 1982-03-14
Series Bergerac Unknown 1981-10-18
Series The Last Song Unknown 1981
Series Plays for Pleasure Unknown 1981
映画 A Midsummer Night's Dream Unknown 1981
映画 The Outsider Unknown 1981-06-11
Series Bless Me Father Unknown 1979
Series Edward the King Unknown 1979-06-25
Series Butterflies Ben Parkinson 1978-11-10
Series Scorpion Tales Unknown 1978-04-29
Series Happy Ever After Unknown 1977
Series The Professionals Unknown 1977-12-30
Series Maidens' Trip Unknown 1977
Series Young at Heart Unknown 1977
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Series Six Days of Justice Unknown 1975
Series Doctor Who Unknown 1975-09-29
映画 The Liberty Tree Samuel Partridge 1975
Series Three Comedies of Marriage Unknown 1975
映画 Going, Going, Gone... Free? Unknown 1975
Series The Poisoning of Charles Bravo Unknown 1975
Series Whodunnit? Unknown 1974
Series Churchill's People Unknown 1974-12-30
映画 O Lucky Man! Unknown 1973-06-20
Series Away from It All Unknown 1973
Series The Liver Birds Unknown 1972
Series The Shadow of the Tower Unknown 1972
Series Crown Court Unknown 1972-10-11
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Series Fly Into Danger Unknown 1972-05-31
映画 Close to the Wind Unknown 1972
Series Colditz Unknown 1972-10-19
Series Jackanory Playhouse Unknown 1972-11-17
Series Now, Take My Wife Unknown 1971
Series Play for Today Chief Superintendent / ... 1970-10-15
映画 She Follows Me About Unknown 1970
Series Menace Unknown 1970-09-29
映画 Dirty Work Unknown 1970
Series Doomwatch Unknown 1970-02-09
Series The Goodies Unknown 1970-11-08
Series ITV Sunday Night Theatre Unknown 1969-01-11
Series Paul Temple Unknown 1969-11-23
Series Softly Softly: Task Force Unknown 1969
Series Fraud Squad Unknown 1969-05-20
Series George and the Dragon Unknown 1968
Series Frost on Sunday Unknown 1968-08-04
Series Best of Enemies Unknown 1968-08-06
Series The Expert Unknown 1968-07-05
Series ITV Playhouse Bradley Fawcett / ... 1967-09-25
Series City '68 Robins 1967-12-08
Series The Further Adventures of the Musketeers Unknown 1967-05-21
Series The Revenue Men Unknown 1967
Series NBC Experiment in Television Unknown 1967
Series The Saint Unknown 1967-05-21
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Series Mystery and Imagination Unknown 1966
Series Mrs Thursday Unknown 1966-03-14
Series The Baron Unknown 1966-01-20
Series The Avengers Unknown 1966-03-28
Series Thirty-Minute Theatre Unknown 1966
Series Mogul Unknown 1965-07-07
Series Out of the Unknown Chief Officer / ... 1965-10-04
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Series Public Eye Unknown 1965-01-23
Series A World of Comedy Unknown 1965
Series The Worker Unknown 1965
Series Londoners Unknown 1965
Series Riviera Police Unknown 1965
Series The Wednesday Play Unknown 1964-09-30
Series Gideon C.I.D. Unknown 1964-11-14
Series Detective Unknown 1964-03-30
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映画 Incident at Midnight Unknown 1963
Series Jezebel ex UK Unknown 1963
Series Sergeant Cork Unknown 1963-06-09
Series The Human Jungle Unknown 1963-03-30
Series Love Story Unknown 1963-06-03
Series Suspense Unknown 1962-07-01
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Series Garry Halliday Unknown 1962
Series Thirty Minute Theatre Unknown 1962
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Series Top Secret Unknown 1961-08-11
Series Bootsie and Snudge Unknown 1960-09-23
Series St. Ives Unknown 1960-06-12
Series The Odd Man Unknown 1960-10-19
Series Arthur's Treasured Volumes Unknown 1960
Series BBC Sunday-Night Play Unknown 1960-01-03
Series The Strange World of Gurney Slade Unknown 1960
Series Police Surgeon Unknown 1960
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Series Probation Officer Unknown 1959-09-14
Series No Hiding Place Unknown 1959-09-16
Series The Killing Stones Unknown 1958
Series Emergency-Ward 10 Unknown 1957-02-19
Series The Army Game Soldier / ... 1957-06-19
Series St. Ives Unknown 1955-10-30
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