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Sir Paul McCartney is a key figure in contemporary culture as a singer, composer, poet, writer, artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and holder of more than 3 thousand copyrights. He is in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for most records sold, most #1s (shared), most covered song, "Yesterday," largest paid audience for a solo concert (350,000+ ...

経歴を確認する db | 経歴を確認する Wikipedia
Jun 18, 1942 In Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie 24 Hours: The World of John and Yoko
Series New American Bandstand 1965 2017-07-01

Won 1 Oscar. Another 19 wins & 39 nominations.


Poster of Vanilla Sky
Poster of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Poster of A Hard Day's Night
Poster of Yellow Submarine
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映画 Cuando Franco murió, yo tenía 30 años Unknown 2005
映画 Stuart Sutcliffe: The Lost Beatle Unknown 2005
映画 Saturday Night Live in the '80s: Lost & Found Unknown 2005-11-13
Series Girls and Boys: Sex and British Pop Unknown 2005-10-23
映画 The Shot That Shook the World Unknown 2005
Series De wereld draait door Unknown 2005-10-10
映画 Corey Haim Interview Unknown 2005
映画 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year Unknown 2005-12-26
映画 Who Buried Paul McCartney? Unknown 2005
Series The Colbert Report Unknown 2005-10-17
Series The Insider Unknown 2004-09-13
映画 Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of 'Smile' Himself 2004-10-05
Series The X Factor Unknown 2004-09-04
Series Broadway: The American Musical Unknown 2004-10-19
Series Dancing with the Stars Unknown 2004-10-05
映画 Leather Forever Unknown 2004
映画 101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments Unknown 2004-09-26
Series Los nuevos y clásicos bloopers Unknown 2004-05-01
映画 50 First Dates Unknown 2004-02-13
映画 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops Unknown 2004-03-02
映画 The 46th Annual Grammy Awards Unknown 2004-02-08
Series New Zealand Idol Unknown 2004-02-01
映画 NME Awards 2004 Unknown 2004
映画 Bluebird Unknown 2004
Series HARDtalk Extra Unknown 2004-03-12
Series VH1: All Access Unknown 2004-03-15
Series Singapore Idol Unknown 2004-08-09
Series Idool 2004 Unknown 2004-08-29
Series Entourage Unknown 2004-07-18
Series Strictly Come Dancing Unknown 2004-05-15
映画 Mayor of the Sunset Strip Unknown 2004-03-26
Series Idol Unknown 2004-09-02
映画 Oasis: I Am the Walrus Unknown 2004
Series Glastonbury 2004 Unknown 2004
映画 The Beatles with Tony Sheridan Unknown 2004
映画 Beer Man Unknown 2004
映画 The Solo Years: Paul McCartney Unknown 2004
Series 20th Century Greats Unknown 2004
映画 Beth - Palau de la Música Catalana Unknown 2004
映画 The Olympic Torch Concert Live Unknown 2004
映画 El cuarteto de Liverpool en México Unknown 2004
Series The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best Unknown 2004
映画 Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow Live Unknown 2004
Series The Culture Show Unknown 2004-11-11
映画 Word Wars Unknown 2004
映画 The Truth About 60s TV Unknown 2004
Series Drengene fra Angora Unknown 2004
映画 Band Aid 20: Do They Know It's Christmas? Unknown 2004-11-18
映画 Oasis: Definitely Maybe Unknown 2004
映画 Hamina Tattoo Unknown 2004
映画 Ed Sullivan Presents: The Beatles Unknown 2003
映画 The In-Laws Unknown 2003
Series Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne Unknown 2003-01-17
映画 Concert for George Unknown 2003
Series Joan of Arcadia Unknown 2003-09-25
Series Las Vegas Unknown 2003-09-22
映画 Pride of Britain Awards 2003 Unknown 2003
Series The Ellen DeGeneres Show Unknown 2003-09-08
Series Liquid Assets Unknown 2003
映画 Snow Angels Unknown 2003
Series Australian Idol Unknown 2003-07-27
Series The O.C. Unknown 2003-08-05
映画 TV 2 003 - Året i ord og billeder Unknown 2003
Series Idols Unknown 2003-09-01
映画 Strangers in the Night: The Bert Kaempfert Story Unknown 2003
Series Comedy Connections Unknown 2003-06-09
映画 Brian Wilson on Tour Unknown 2003
Series Imagine Unknown 2003-06-11
Series Jimmy Kimmel Live! Unknown 2003-01-26
Series Family Ties Unknown 2003-06-30
映画 Inside John Lennon Unknown 2003
映画 Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics, Vol. 4: Elvis & Other Rock Greats Unknown 2003
映画 Radio Unknown 2003-10-24
映画 Paul McCartney in Red Square Unknown 2003
映画 The Beatles: Don't Let Me Down Unknown 2003
映画 Paul McCartney Live in St. Petersburg Unknown 2003
映画 Love Actually Unknown 2003-11-14
映画 Berlin Blues Unknown 2003
Series Parken Unknown 2003
映画 The Beatles: A Long and Winding Road Unknown 2003
Series Idols Unknown 2003-09-26
映画 Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll Generation Saved Hollywood Unknown 2003
映画 Hagström: Allt I Musik Unknown 2003
映画 The Beatles 'Get Back' Unknown 2003
Series The Blues Unknown 2003-09-28
映画 Paul McCartney: Lonely Road Unknown 2002
Series Idols! Unknown 2002-09-21
Series Everwood Unknown 2002-09-16
映画 Ian Paice: Not for the Pro's Unknown 2002
映画 Comedian Unknown 2002-11-01
Series Deutschland sucht den Superstar Unknown 2002-11-09
映画 Bowling for Columbine Unknown 2002-11-15
Series Sendung ohne Namen Unknown 2002-10-17
映画 The Transporter Unknown 2002-10-11
Series Skeppsholmen Unknown 2002-10-03
Series Timeshift Unknown 2002-10-05
映画 The 2002 Annual United Nations Association Global Leadership Awards Himself 2002-09-25
映画 3.z Unknown 2002
映画 I Am Sam Unknown 2002-01-25
Series Student's Hearts Unknown 2002
映画 10 Minutes of Noise & Confusion: Part 1 Unknown 2002
映画 Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Unknown 2002-02-08
Series Top of the Pops Unknown 2002-01-12
Series Art That Shook the World Unknown 2002
映画 MTV Unplugged Uncensored Unknown 2002
映画 Standing in the Shadows of Motown Unknown 2002
Series Desejos de Mulher Unknown 2002
映画 The Jubilee Girl Unknown 2002
映画 The 74th Annual Academy Awards Unknown 2002-03-24
映画 Back in the U.S. Band Members 2002-11-26
映画 Marillion: A Piss-Up in a Brewery Unknown 2002
Series American Idol Unknown 2002-06-11
Series Jos sais kerran Unknown 2002
Series Music Planet 2Nite Unknown 2002
Series Queen & Country Unknown 2002-05-01
映画 There's Only One Paul McCartney Unknown 2002-06-02
映画 Party at the Palace: The Queen's Concerts, Buckingham Palace Unknown 2002-06-03
Series Fame Academy Unknown 2002-09-06
Series Idols Unknown 2002-02-24
映画 Rufus Wainwright: Across the Universe Unknown 2002
映画 VH1 Big in 2002 Awards Unknown 2002-12-15
映画 Britain's Brilliant Prodigies Unknown 2002
Series Crossing Jordan Unknown 2001-09-24
映画 Wingspan Unknown 2001
Series Barend en Van Dorp Unknown 2001
Series Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Unknown 2001-11-02
Series Pop Idol Unknown 2001-10-06
映画 Shining Stars: The Official Story of Earth, Wind, & Fire Unknown 2001
映画 Top of the Pops: The True Story Unknown 2001-01-01
Series Star Lives Unknown 2001
映画 Oasis: 10 Years of Noise & Confusion Unknown 2001
映画 Cássia Eller: MTV Unplugged Unknown 2001
映画 2001 Top of the Pops Awards Unknown 2001
Series Scrubs Unknown 2001-10-02
映画 Elton John: One Night Only - Greatest Hits Live Unknown 2001
Series Trautmann Unknown 2001-09-25
映画 The Concert for New York City Unknown 2001-10-20
Series Zwei Männer am Herd Unknown 2001
映画 The Best of Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band So Far... Unknown 2001
Series Poor Prince Unknown 2001
映画 Tuesday Unknown 2001
映画 Moulin Rouge! Unknown 2001-06-01
映画 ザ・ロイヤル・テネンバウムズ Unknown 2001
Series Cuéntame Unknown 2001-09-13
映画 George Harrison - Der sanfte Beatle Unknown 2001
Series Operación triunfo Unknown 2001-10-22
映画 2001 World Awards Unknown 2001
映画 Maybe Baby Unknown 2001-08-24
映画 Death of a Beatle Unknown 2001
映画 Nobel Peace Prize Concert Unknown 2001
映画 Heartbreakers Unknown 2001-03-23
映画 Paul McCartney: Your Loving Flame Unknown 2001
映画 The Beatles... Off the Record: Newsreel Footage 1964-1966 Unknown 2001
映画 Vanilla Sky Unknown 2001-12-14
Series Final Score Unknown 2001-08-21
映画 Cássia Eller: Com Você Meu Mundo Ficaria Completo - Ao Vivo Unknown 2000
映画 Hanging Up Unknown 2000-02-18
映画 Shine On Unknown 2000
映画 Paul Is Dead Unknown 2000
Series Okupas Unknown 2000-10-18
Series Breakfast Unknown 2000-10-02
映画 Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (1955-1970) Unknown 2000
映画 Hendrix Unknown 2000-09-17
映画 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Unknown 2000-10-20
Series Parkinson Unknown 2000-01-04
映画 The Beatles Revolution Unknown 2000-11-17
Series The New Vault Unknown 2000
Series Rayearth Unknown 2000-08-29
映画 Rick Wakeman: The Legend Live in Concert 2000 Unknown 2000
Series I Love 1970's Unknown 2000-07-22
映画 Backdoor Unknown 2000
映画 Shadow Cycle Unknown 2000
映画 The Linda McCartney Story Unknown 2000
Series Anke Unknown 2000
Series The Wright Stuff Unknown 2000-09-11
Series Top Ten Unknown 2000
映画 Net All Nighter Unknown 2000
映画 The British Invasion Returns Unknown 2000
映画 Zwei Männer am Herd Unknown 1999
映画 ABC 2000: The Millennium Unknown 1999-12-31
Series Eglimata Unknown 1999
映画 SNL: 25 Years of Music Unknown 1999-09-01
映画 Outside Providence Unknown 1999-09-01
映画 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey Unknown 1999
Series Independent Lens Unknown 1999-08-09
Series Loose Women Unknown 1999-09-06
映画 Saturday Night Live 25 Unknown 1999-09-25
映画 Paul McCartney & Friends Live: PETA's Millennium Concert Unknown 1999
Series Roswell Unknown 1999-10-06
映画 American Beauty Unknown 1999-10-01
映画 Nackt und frei - Die Geschichte der Freikörperkultur Unknown 1999
映画 The Beatles: Celebration Unknown 1999
Series 100 Jahre - Der Countdown Unknown 1999
映画 Paul McCartney: Live at the Cavern Club Unknown 1999
映画 Here, There and Everywhere: a Concert for Linda Unknown 1999
映画 Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure Unknown 1999
映画 Take the Challenge: Live the Dream Unknown 1999
映画 1999 MTV Video Music Awards Unknown 1999
映画 The '60s Unknown 1999-02-07
Series Providence Unknown 1999-01-08
映画 Regine: R2K Unknown 1999
映画 A Really Big Show: Ed Sullivan's 50th Anniversary Himself 1998-05-18
Series Spike Night Himself 1998-04-18
映画 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Unknown 1998-05-22
Series Motown Live Unknown 1998
Series Musikbutikken Unknown 1998-02-14
映画 Pleasantville Unknown 1998-10-23
映画 Oasis: Live at Luna Park Unknown 1998
映画 Wide Prairie Unknown 1998
映画 In My Life: A Unique Recording Project from Sir George Martin Unknown 1998-11-12
映画 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley Unknown 1998
映画 The Abbey Road Story Unknown 1998
映画 Oasis: Live in Japan - Be Here Now '98 Unknown 1998
映画 Oasis: Live at Apoquindo Stadium Unknown 1998
映画 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy Unknown 1998
映画 Fiona Apple: Across the Universe Unknown 1998
映画 Christopher Reeve: A Celebration of Hope Himself 1998-03-01
Series CD:UK Unknown 1998-08-29
映画 Armageddon Unknown 1998-07-01
Series An Awfully Big Adventure Unknown 1998-06-30
Series The Roseanne Show Unknown 1998-09-14
映画 A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries Unknown 1998-09-18
Series Later... With Jools Holland Unknown 1998-09-28
Series Cold War Unknown 1998-06-28
Series V.I.P. Unknown 1998-09-26
映画 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie Unknown 1998-10-16
Series I'm Alan Partridge Unknown 1997
Series Gun Unknown 1997-04-12
映画 Ballad of the Skeletons Unknown 1997
映画 Standing Stone Unknown 1997
Series The Rhythm of Life Unknown 1997
映画 Tropic Island Hum Unknown 1997
映画 Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters Unknown 1997
Series Egos & Icons Unknown 1997
映画 Feed Your Head Unknown 1997
映画 No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg 1926-1997 Unknown 1997
Series Cronkite Remembers Unknown 1997
映画 Paul McCartney: In the World Tonight Unknown 1997
映画 Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival Unknown 1997
映画 Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health Unknown 1997-01-10
映画 Flowers in the Dirt Unknown 1997
Series King of the Hill Unknown 1997-01-12
映画 Red Corner Unknown 1997-10-31
Series Brit Girls Unknown 1997-11-22
映画 Music for Montserrat Himself 1997-11-28
映画 Breast Men Unknown 1997-12-13
Series Corazón de... Unknown 1997-07-07
映画 Bean Unknown 1997-11-07
映画 My Entire Life Unknown 1997-01-30
映画 Grosse Pointe Blank Unknown 1997-04-11
映画 Fathers' Day Unknown 1997-05-09
Series The Fifties Unknown 1997-06-29
映画 Oasis: (What's the Story?) - An MTV News Special Unknown 1996
Series BBC North West Tonight Unknown 1996
映画 Oasis: Second Night Live at Maine Road Unknown 1996
映画 The Perfect Woman Unknown 1996
映画 Eli's Coming Unknown 1996
映画 Beatles Diary Unknown 1996
映画 Sexy Sadie Unknown 1996
映画 Oasis: Second Night Live at Knebworth Park Unknown 1996
Series E! True Hollywood Story Unknown 1996-06-27
映画 The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus Unknown 1996-10-12
Series The O'Reilly Factor Unknown 1996-10-07
Series The Daily Show Unknown 1996-07-22
Series Never Mind the Buzzcocks Unknown 1996-11-12
映画 Jerry Maguire Unknown 1996-12-13
映画 The Craft Unknown 1996
映画 Michael Unknown 1996-12-25
映画 The Beatles Story Unknown 1996-07-01
映画 Sól, sól skín á mig... Unknown 1996
Series Lukas Unknown 1996-03-01
映画 Brit Awards 1996 Unknown 1996-02-19
Series TFI Friday Unknown 1996-02-09
映画 The Rock Unknown 1996-06-07
映画 Oasis: First Night Live at Maine Road Unknown 1996
映画 From the Beatles to Oasis: Forty Years of Granada Pop Unknown 1996-06-30
Series Strange But True? Unknown 1996
Series Tracey Takes On... Unknown 1996-01-24
映画 You Can't Do That! The Making of 'A Hard Day's Night' Himself 1995
映画 Hootie & the Blowfish: Summer Camp with Trucks Unknown 1995
映画 Houseguest Unknown 1995
映画 Bye Bye Love Unknown 1995-03-17
映画 The Beatles: Free as a Bird Unknown 1995
Series Father Ted Unknown 1995-04-21
映画 Grateful Dead Unknown 1995
映画 In Search of James Bond with Jonathan Ross Unknown 1995
Series As Time Goes By Unknown 1995
映画 Queen: Champions of the World Unknown 1995
映画 The Beatles: All Together Now Unknown 1995
映画 Help! War Child Unknown 1995
映画 The Smokin' Mojo Filters: Come Together Unknown 1995
映画 Devour the Earth Unknown 1995
Series Cybill Unknown 1995-01-02
Series Caiga quien caiga - CQC Unknown 1995-07-01
映画 The State's 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special Unknown 1995-10-01
映画 The Beatles: Real Love Unknown 1995
映画 The Speeches of Robert F. Kennedy Unknown 1995
Series Rock & Roll Unknown 1995-09-24
Series Kulturzeit Unknown 1995-10-02
Series The Beatles Anthology Unknown 1995
映画 Oasis: First Night Live at Earls Court Unknown 1995
Series Absolutely Fabulous Unknown 1994-07-24
Series Top of the Pops 2 Unknown 1994-09-01
映画 Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl Unknown 1994
Series Fox NFL Sunday Unknown 1994-07-01
映画 My Girl 2 Unknown 1994-02-11
映画 The 21st Annual American Music Awards Unknown 1994-02-07
Series Florida Lady Unknown 1994
映画 The Beatles, The Long and Winding Road: The Life and Times Unknown 1994
Series Howard Stern Unknown 1994-06-20
Series ER Unknown 1994-09-19
Series Showbiz Today Unknown 1994
Series With... Unknown 1994
映画 Pinocchio Pipenose Householddilemma Unknown 1994
Series Ritmo de la noche Unknown 1994
Series Friends Unknown 1994-09-22
Series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Unknown 1994
映画 Love Affair Unknown 1994-10-21
Series Takin' Over the Asylum Unknown 1994
Series The National Lottery Unknown 1994-11-19
映画 R.A.D.D.: Drive My Car Unknown 1994
映画 A Bronx Tale Unknown 1993-10-01
映画 One on One: Classic Television Interviews Unknown 1993-11-29
Series Jools's Annual Hootenanny Unknown 1993-12-31
Series Kansanhuvit Unknown 1993
映画 You Know My Name Unknown 1993
Series The Big Story Unknown 1993-06-30
Series Grace Under Fire Unknown 1993-09-29
映画 Paul McCartney Live in the New World Unknown 1993
映画 Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music Unknown 1993
映画 Cilla's Celebration Unknown 1993
Series Fame in the Twentieth Century Unknown 1993
映画 Movin' On Unknown 1993
映画 Reckless Kelly Unknown 1993
映画 Paul McCartney: Up Close Unknown 1993
映画 Paul Is Live: In Concert on the New World Tour Unknown 1993
Series The Drum Unknown 1993-07-01
Series John & Leeza from Hollywood Unknown 1993-06-14
映画 Loaded Weapon 1 Unknown 1993-02-05
Series Late Show with David Letterman Unknown 1993-08-30
Series U Unknown 1993
Series Late Night with Conan O'Brien Unknown 1993-09-13
映画 Pilkkuja ja pikkuhousuja Unknown 1992
Series A Bit of Fry and Laurie Unknown 1992
映画 Shindig! Presents British Invasion Vol. 1 Unknown 1992
映画 The Beatles Budokan Concert Unknown 1992
映画 Daumier's Law Unknown 1992
映画 Grand Canyon Unknown 1992-01-17
Series Gomorron Unknown 1992-09-14
映画 Mr. Saturday Night Unknown 1992-09-25
映画 Guns N' Roses Live in Santiago, Chile 1992 Unknown 1992-12-02
映画 Goodbye, Trainmen Unknown 1992
Series Granada Reports Unknown 1992-07-01
Series The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Unknown 1992-05-25
Series Def II Unknown 1992
Series Die Hausmeisterin Unknown 1992
Series Heartbeat Unknown 1992-04-10
Series Coronation Street Unknown 1992
映画 Secrets Unknown 1992-12-03
Series Perigosas Peruas Unknown 1992
映画 Noises Off... Unknown 1992
映画 Death Scenes 2 Unknown 1992
映画 Ray Charles: 50 Years in Music Unknown 1991
Series Bullerfnis Unknown 1991
Series Sleepers Unknown 1991
映画 For the Boys Unknown 1991-11-27
映画 1991 MTV Video Music Awards Unknown 1991
Series Home Improvement Unknown 1991-09-17
映画 Ghosts of the Past Unknown 1991
映画 Get Back Unknown 1991
Series Amor a primera vista Unknown 1991
Series Ai monogatari Unknown 1991
Series We zijn weer thuis Unknown 1991
Series Matkalaukkukostaja Unknown 1991
映画 Queen: The Days of Our Lives Unknown 1991
映画 Rick Wakeman: The Classical Connection Unknown 1991
映画 The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit Unknown 1991
映画 Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight Unknown 1991
映画 Riff-Raff Unknown 1991
Series Zeg 'ns Aaa Unknown 1990
Series El martes que viene Unknown 1990
映画 1990 Billboard Music Awards Unknown 1990-12-01
Series Famous Last Words Unknown 1990
映画 Jul med Paul McCartney Unknown 1990
Series Bassie en Adriaan Unknown 1990
映画 The Beatles: On the Road Unknown 1990
Series Beverly Hills, 90210 Unknown 1990-10-04
Series Skvaller Unknown 1990-09-20
Series Lo Kolel Sherut Unknown 1990-06-29
Series Pero ¿esto qué es? Unknown 1990
映画 David Hasselhoff Live & Forever Unknown 1990-06-30
Series Tohuwabohu Unknown 1990-06-30
映画 Knebworth '90: The Event Himself 1990-08-27
Series Stars in Their Eyes Unknown 1990-07-21
映画 From Rio to Liverpool Unknown 1990
映画 The 32nd Annual Grammy Awards Unknown 1990
Series The Best of... What's Left of... Not Only... But Also Unknown 1990
映画 Because Unknown 1990
Series Tulilinja Unknown 1990
映画 Woodstock: The Lost Performances Unknown 1990
映画 Paul McCartney Unknown 1989
映画 The Experts Unknown 1989
Series Unplugged Unknown 1989-10-31
Series CNN Newsroom Unknown 1989-08-01
映画 The Crickets: My Love Is Bigger Than a Cadillac Unknown 1989
Series Mensch Meier Unknown 1989
映画 A Night of Comic Relief 2 Unknown 1989-03-10
Series La luna Unknown 1989
Series Big World Cafe Unknown 1989
映画 The Songwriter's Hall of Fame 20th Anniversary... The Magic of Music Unknown 1989-06-22
映画 Troop Beverly Hills Unknown 1989
映画 Rude Awakening Unknown 1989-08-16
映画 Paul McCartney Special Unknown 1989
映画 Scandal Unknown 1989-04-28
映画 The 13th Annual Young Comedians Special Unknown 1989
Series Life Goes On Unknown 1989-09-12
映画 Cousins Unknown 1989-02-10
Series MTV Rockumentary Unknown 1989-06-29
映画 Depeche Mode: 101 Unknown 1989
映画 Isang araw walang Diyos Unknown 1989
Series The O-Zone Unknown 1989-07-10
映画 Brev till paradiset Unknown 1989
映画 Peacemaker Unknown 1989-06-30
映画 Elvis Costello: Veronica Unknown 1989-06-30
Series The Simpsons Unknown 1989-12-17
映画 Tommys Hollywood Report Unknown 1988
映画 Comic Relief Unknown 1988-02-05
Series 7T3 Unknown 1988
映画 Imagine: John Lennon Unknown 1988
映画 Moonwalker Unknown 1988
映画 Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits Live Unknown 1988
Series Tiikerihai Unknown 1988
Series America's Top 10 Unknown 1988
映画 Michael Jackson: Come Together Unknown 1988-06-30
映画 License to Drive Unknown 1988-07-06
映画 The Power of Music Unknown 1988
映画 The 1960's: Music, Memories & Milestones Unknown 1988
Series 48 Hours Unknown 1988-01-19
映画 Five Corners Unknown 1988-05-01
映画 U2: Rattle and Hum Unknown 1988-11-04
映画 Rain Man Unknown 1988-12-16
Series This Morning Unknown 1988-10-03
Series ITV Lunchtime News Unknown 1988-06-26
Series Mystery Science Theater 3000 Unknown 1988-11-24
Series The Wonder Years Unknown 1988-01-31
映画 The Real Buddy Holly Story Unknown 1987
映画 Whispering Jack: In Concert Unknown 1987
映画 Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll Unknown 1987
映画 Bye Bye Star-Club Unknown 1987
Series Seitenblicke Unknown 1987-09-28
Series CBS This Morning Unknown 1987-11-30
Series La bola de cristal Unknown 1987
Series Going Live! Unknown 1987-09-26
映画 Eat the Rich Unknown 1987-08-17
映画 Queen: Magic Years, Volume One - A Visual Anthology Unknown 1987
映画 It Was 20 Years Ago Today Unknown 1987
映画 Can't Buy Me Love Unknown 1987-08-14
映画 Disorderlies Unknown 1987
映画 Rock Odyssey Unknown 1987-07-13
Series Biography Unknown 1987-04-06
映画 Queen: Magic Years, Volume Three - A Visual Anthology Unknown 1987
Series Full House Unknown 1987-06-30
映画 Prick Up Your Ears Unknown 1987
Series DJ Kat Show Unknown 1987
映画 Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist Unknown 1987
映画 Happy Anniversary 007: 25 Years of James Bond Unknown 1987
Series The Last Resort Unknown 1987-01-10
映画 Concrete Angels Unknown 1987
Series The Adventures of Dr. Bayer Unknown 1986
Series American Masters Unknown 1986-06-23
Series The Oprah Winfrey Show Unknown 1986-09-08
Series Bread Unknown 1986-05-01
映画 The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Unknown 1986-04-18
映画 The Prince's Trust Rock Gala: 10th Birthday Unknown 1986
映画 The 13th Annual American Music Awards Unknown 1986-01-27
映画 John Lennon Live in New York City Unknown 1986
映画 McCartney Unknown 1986
映画 Lovedolls Superstar Unknown 1986
映画 Jimi Plays Monterey Unknown 1986
映画 The Royal Variety Show Unknown 1986
映画 A Portrait Special Unknown 1986
映画 Mala Noche Unknown 1986
Series The Late Late Breakfast Show Unknown 1986
映画 Paul McCartney: Pretty Little Head Unknown 1986
Series Irgendwie und sowieso Unknown 1986
Series Moonlighting Unknown 1985-03-03
映画 The Killing Fields Unknown 1985-02-01
Series EastEnders Unknown 1985-02-19
映画 The Best of John Belushi Unknown 1985
映画 Mask Unknown 1985-03-22
Series Screen Two Unknown 1985-01-06
映画 The Beach Boys: An American Band Unknown 1985
映画 Live Aid Unknown 1985-07-13
映画 Spies Like Us Unknown 1985-12-06
Series Lindenstraße Unknown 1985-12-08
Series Lou Rawls Parade of Stars Unknown 1985
Series Growing Pains Unknown 1985-09-24
Series The Golden Girls Unknown 1985-09-14
Series Wurlitzer Unknown 1985-06-30
Series Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show Unknown 1985
Series Larry King Live Unknown 1985-06-03
映画 Ready Steady Go! The Beatles Live Unknown 1985
映画 Rupert and the Frog Song Unknown 1985
映画 Carpenters: Yesterday Once More Unknown 1985
映画 Twice in a Lifetime Unknown 1985
映画 Buddy Rich and His Band: Channel One Suite Unknown 1985
映画 Blankit's First Show Unknown 1985
Series The Rock 'n' Roll Years Unknown 1985
映画 Youth Love, Life Love Unknown 1985
Series ViváMusica Unknown 1985
映画 Lavori in corso Unknown 1985
映画 Manson Family Movies Unknown 1984
映画 Paul McCartney: The Man, His Music, and His Movies Unknown 1984
映画 The Clan - Tale of the Frogs Unknown 1984
映画 All Together Now Unknown 1984
映画 Bonjakku Unknown 1984
映画 Give My Regards to Broad Street Unknown 1984
映画 Les années de rêves Unknown 1984
映画 Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun Unknown 1984
Series Aspel & Company Unknown 1984-06-09
映画 Nothing Left to Do but Cry Unknown 1984
Series BBC Six O'Clock News Unknown 1984-09-01
Series This Week's Music Unknown 1984
映画 Top Secret! Unknown 1984-06-08
Series North West Today Unknown 1984-07-02
映画 Paul McCartney: Freeze Frame Unknown 1984
映画 The 11th Annual American Music Awards Unknown 1984-01-16
映画 Once Upon a Time in America Unknown 1984
映画 Sixteen Candles Unknown 1984-05-04
Series Hittimittari Unknown 1984-09-15
映画 Fantastica SEI! Unknown 1983
映画 Paul McCartney Feat. Michael Jackson: Say Say Say Unknown 1983
Series Emu's World Unknown 1983
Series Harty Unknown 1983
映画 A Good Turn Daily Unknown 1983
映画 An Orchestral Tribute to the Beatles Unknown 1983
Series Saturday Superstore Unknown 1983
映画 James Bond: The First 21 Years Unknown 1983
映画 Cool Cats: 25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll Style Unknown 1983
映画 Cap d'any a TV3 Unknown 1983
Series Transport Unknown 1983
Series De weg Unknown 1983-01-10
映画 Rock for Kampughea Himself 1983-01-01
映画 A Pattern of Roses Unknown 1983
Series Alfresco Unknown 1983-05-01
Series Breakfast Time Unknown 1983-01-17
Series Good Morning Britain Unknown 1983-02-01
Series The A-Team Unknown 1983-01-23
映画 The World According to Garp Unknown 1982
映画 Ritorno all'amore Unknown 1982
映画 The Compleat Beatles Unknown 1982
映画 The Rolling Stones - Die ersten 20 Jahre Himself 1982-06-30
Series exclusiv Unknown 1982-09-24
Series Timewatch Unknown 1982-09-29
Series Wogan Unknown 1982-07-01
映画 Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again Unknown 1982
映画 The Rupert Bear Story: A Tribute to Alfred Bestall Unknown 1982
Series Fame Unknown 1982-01-07
映画 Paul McCartney: Take It Away Unknown 1982
映画 The Cooler Unknown 1982
映画 Let Poland Be Poland Unknown 1982
Series Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters Unknown 1982
Series Only Fools and Horses.... Unknown 1981-09-08
Series Gran teatre Unknown 1981
Series Entertainment Tonight Unknown 1981-09-14
映画 Back to the Egg Unknown 1981
Series 20 heures le journal Unknown 1981-10-05
映画 Savage Harvest Unknown 1981
Series Crossroads Unknown 1981
Series Wetten, dass..? Unknown 1981-02-14
映画 Hepe Goes to War Unknown 1981
映画 The Killing of America Unknown 1981
映画 This Is Elvis Unknown 1981
映画 Billy Baxter Presents Diary of the Cannes Film Festival with Rex Reed Unknown 1980-07-16
映画 Where the Buffalo Roam Unknown 1980-04-25
Series Fridays Unknown 1980-04-11
Series Newsnight Unknown 1980-01-30
映画 Rockshow Unknown 1980
Series Hour Magazine Unknown 1980-09-08
Series Solid Gold Unknown 1980-01-01
映画 Seaside Woman Unknown 1980
映画 Oh Heavenly Dog Unknown 1980-07-11
映画 Death of a Princess Unknown 1980
Series Auf Achse Unknown 1980
映画 Breaking Glass Unknown 1980
映画 The Lathe of Heaven Unknown 1980
Series Great Railway Journeys of the World Unknown 1980
Series Children in Need Unknown 1980-11-01
Series De Mike Burstyn show Unknown 1980
映画 Birth of the Beatles Unknown 1979-11-23
映画 Intikam kadini Unknown 1979
映画 The Dick Emery Special Unknown 1979
映画 The Live Show Unknown 1979
Series You Can't Do That on Television Unknown 1979
Series Saturday Shake Up Unknown 1979
映画 Rock 'n' Roll High School Unknown 1979-08-24
映画 Wings Over the World Himself 1979-03-16
映画 Wings: Arrow Through Me Unknown 1979
映画 Rockestra Unknown 1979
Series CBS News Sunday Morning Unknown 1979-06-29
映画 Sunburn Unknown 1979-08-10
映画 Yesterday the Beatles Unknown 1978
映画 The Rise and Fall of Ivor Dickie Unknown 1978
映画 I Wanna Hold Your Hand Unknown 1978
映画 The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash Unknown 1978
Series Citizen Smith Unknown 1978
映画 The Oriental Nightfish Unknown 1978
Series Dubbelleven Unknown 1978
Series 20/20 Unknown 1978-06-06
映画 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Unknown 1978-07-24
映画 Newsfront Unknown 1978-07-29
映画 Ringo Unknown 1978-04-26
映画 Do You Remember Vietnam Unknown 1978
Series The South Bank Show Unknown 1978-01-14
映画 Coming Home Unknown 1978-02-15
映画 An Unmarried Woman Unknown 1978-08-05
映画 Sextette Unknown 1978-03-03
映画 Filmregény - Három növér Unknown 1978
映画 Fists of Bruce Lee Unknown 1978
Series WKRP in Cincinnati Unknown 1978-09-18
Series Diff'rent Strokes Unknown 1978
Series Paul Unknown 1978
映画 Good Old Days Part II Unknown 1978-11-25
Series Mike Yarwood in Persons Unknown 1977
映画 The Day the Music Died Unknown 1977
映画 Empty Hand Unknown 1977
Series All You Need Is Love Himself / ... 1977-02-12
映画 The Beatles and Beyond Unknown 1977
Series The Brady Bunch Variety Hour Unknown 1976-11-28
Series Midi-Première Unknown 1976
映画 A Special Olivia Newton-John Unknown 1976-11-17
映画 The Beach Boys: It's OK Unknown 1976
Series Pauline's Quirkes Unknown 1976
Series The Muppet Show Unknown 1976-01-29
Series Dolly Unknown 1976-02-01
映画 Helter Skelter Unknown 1976-04-01
Series Evening Magazine Unknown 1976-08-09
Series Les rendez-vous du dimanche Unknown 1976
映画 In the Beginning Was the End: The Truth About De-Evolution Unknown 1976
映画 Christmas 76 Unknown 1976
映画 Carpenters Very First Television Special Unknown 1976
映画 Gulp Unknown 1976
Series The Sonny and Cher Show Unknown 1976
映画 All This and World War II Unknown 1976
映画 David Frost Salutes the Beatles Unknown 1975
映画 Wings Live in Melbourne Unknown 1975
映画 Oriental Blue Unknown 1975
Series Good Morning America Unknown 1975-01-06
Series Saturday Night Live Unknown 1975-10-11
映画 An Evening with Robert Klein Unknown 1975
Series Arena Himself 1975-10-01
Series Doctor Who Unknown 1975-09-29
映画 Shampoo Unknown 1975-03-13
Series The Zoo Gang Unknown 1975-07-16
Series The Norman Gunston Show Unknown 1975
映画 What's Behind the Groupies? Unknown 1975
Series Gute Laune mit Musik Unknown 1974-07-01
Series Spotlight Unknown 1974
Series You Must Be Joking! Unknown 1974-05-31
Series Derrick Unknown 1974-10-20
映画 The Morning After Unknown 1974
映画 The Society of the Spectacle Unknown 1974
Series Ungdomsredaktionen Unknown 1974
Series The Ernie Sigley Show Unknown 1974
映画 The Likes of Louise Unknown 1974
映画 One Hand Clapping Unknown 1974
Series Tiswas Unknown 1974-01-05
映画 The 46th Annual Academy Awards Unknown 1974-04-02
映画 Double Header Unknown 1974
映画 The Trial of Billy Jack Unknown 1974
映画 Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles Unknown 1974
映画 Ape Over Love Unknown 1974
Series Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Unknown 1973
映画 Sex in the Bag Unknown 1973
映画 Rings of Passion Unknown 1973
映画 Die Otto Show Unknown 1973
映画 Live and Let Die Unknown 1973
Series Rock Concert Unknown 1973-09-27
Series The Graham Kennedy Show Unknown 1973
Series Tomorrow Coast to Coast Unknown 1973-10-15
映画 Disney Time Unknown 1973
映画 James Paul McCartney Unknown 1973
Series Great Performances Unknown 1972-11-04
Series Canada A.M. Unknown 1972-09-11
Series Sympathy for the Devil Unknown 1972-01-05
映画 The Special London Bridge Special Unknown 1972-05-07
Series The Midnight Special Unknown 1972-08-19
Series The Streets of San Francisco Unknown 1972-09-16
Series The Basil Brush Show Unknown 1972
映画 Jeanie's Magic Box Unknown 1972
映画 John Lennon and Yoko Ono Present the One-to-One Concert Unknown 1972
映画 Beat the Watch Unknown 1972
Series Barend is weer bezig! Unknown 1972
映画 Lokval in Venesië Unknown 1972
Series The Two Ronnies Unknown 1971-04-10
映画 Sexual Therapist Unknown 1971
映画 Satans Lust Unknown 1971
Series De Fred Haché Show Unknown 1971
Series A-studio Unknown 1971-07-01
Series Our American Musical Heritage Unknown 1971
映画 Snatched Women Unknown 1971
Series Disco Unknown 1971-02-13
映画 The Young Hitchikers Unknown 1971
映画 Mad Dogs & Englishmen Unknown 1971-07-24
映画 Big Hair Romp Unknown 1971
映画 When the Music's Over... Unknown 1971
映画 Love Making U.S.A. Unknown 1971
映画 The Neon Palace Unknown 1971
Series Okidoki Unknown 1971
映画 Room for Rent Unknown 1971
映画 See You at Mao Unknown 1970
映画 The Strawberry Statement Unknown 1970
映画 The Other Reg Varney Unknown 1970-08-09
Series Play for Today Unknown 1970-10-15
映画 The Magic Christian Unknown 1970-11-21
Series Flip Unknown 1970-09-17
Series UFO Unknown 1970-09-16
映画 Woodstock Unknown 1970-03-26
映画 Movin' Unknown 1970-02-24
Series The Lovers Unknown 1970
Series Tommy Tulpe Unknown 1970
映画 a.k.a. Cassius Clay Unknown 1970
映画 Let It Be Unknown 1970
映画 Schlag auf Schlager Unknown 1970
映画 Elvis: That's the Way It Is Unknown 1970
Series Les Français écrivent aux Shadoks Unknown 1969
Series Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters Unknown 1969
映画 Pop Go the Sixties! Unknown 1969
映画 Will the Real Mr Sellers.....? Unknown 1969
映画 Salesman Unknown 1969
Series Neues aus der Welt des Films Unknown 1969
Series Music Scene Unknown 1969-09-22
映画 The Stones in the Park Unknown 1969
Series The David Frost Show Unknown 1969-07-07
Series Playboy After Dark Unknown 1969-01-18
映画 24 Hours: The World of John and Yoko Unknown 1969
Series This Is Tom Jones Unknown 1969-02-07
映画 The Beatles Mod Odyssey Unknown 1968
Series Thingumybob Unknown 1968
映画 Rondom het Oudekerksplein.... Unknown 1968
映画 Petula Unknown 1968
映画 Yesterday Unknown 1968
映画 Andy Williams' Kaleidoscope Company Unknown 1968
映画 Love Love Love Unknown 1968
Series Magpie Unknown 1968
映画 The Ann-Margret Show Unknown 1968-12-11
Series 60 Minutes Unknown 1968-09-24
Series Frost on Sunday Unknown 1968-08-04
映画 Yellow Submarine Unknown 1968
映画 The Firemen's Ball Unknown 1967
映画 Magical Mystery Tour Unknown 1967
Series The Cool of the Evening Unknown 1967
映画 Katzenzungen Unknown 1967
映画 Billion Dollar Brain Unknown 1967
映画 Bon Appetit Unknown 1967
映画 Free and Easy Unknown 1967
映画 David Holzman's Diary Unknown 1967
映画 Girl Unknown 1967
映画 Damals in Hamburg - The Beatles Unknown 1967
Series NBC Experiment in Television Unknown 1967
Series Omnibus Himself 1967-10-13
映画 Wavelength Unknown 1967
Series The Kraft Music Hall Unknown 1967-09-13
Series The Prisoner Unknown 1967
Series Hoepla Unknown 1967-07-27
映画 Our World Himself 1967-06-25
Series Dee Time Unknown 1967-04-04
映画 The Beatles in Japan Unknown 1966
映画 Die Beatles und Ausschnitte aus dem Rahmenprogramm ihrer Deutschlandtournee Unknown 1966
映画 Helicopter Canada Unknown 1966
映画 The Beatles at Shea Stadium Unknown 1966
映画 Reflections on Love Unknown 1966
映画 Don't Lose Your Head Unknown 1966
映画 ...und dann bye bye Unknown 1966
映画 The Family Way Unknown 1966
Series The Monkees Unknown 1966-09-12
Series The Frost Programme Unknown 1966-10-19
Series 4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet Unknown 1966-06-11
Series Not Only... But Also Unknown 1965
映画 The Music of Lennon & McCartney Unknown 1965
映画 Mods and Rockers Unknown 1965
映画 Help! Paul 1965-08-25
Series Beat-Club Unknown 1965-09-25
映画 The Best on Record Unknown 1965-05-18
映画 Go-Go Bigbeat Unknown 1965-05-01
Series The Jack Paar Program Unknown 1965
映画 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert Unknown 1965
Series The Beatles Unknown 1965-09-25
映画 Go Go Mania Unknown 1965
Series The Power Game Unknown 1965-12-13
Series Blackpool Night Out Unknown 1964
Series Die Drehscheibe Unknown 1964-04-01
Series The Hollywood Palace Unknown 1964-01-04
Series Age tendre et tête de bois Unknown 1964
映画 Locked In! Unknown 1964
映画 UK Swings Again Unknown 1964-07-28
Series New York Philharmonic Young People's Concerts Unknown 1964
映画 A Degree of Frost Unknown 1964
Series The Go!! Show Unknown 1964-08-04
映画 The Beatles in Australia Unknown 1964
映画 The Beatles in Nederland Unknown 1964
映画 The Beatles Sing for Shell Unknown 1964
映画 What's Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A. Unknown 1964
映画 The T.A.M.I. Show Unknown 1964
映画 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert Unknown 1964
映画 A Hard Day's Night Paul 1964-08-01
Series Hollywood a Go Go Unknown 1964-12-26
映画 Around the Beatles Unknown 1964
Series Shindig! Unknown 1964-09-16
Series Drop In Unknown 1963
映画 Beat City Unknown 1963
映画 The Mersey Sound Unknown 1963
Series Ready, Steady, Go! Unknown 1963-08-09
Series Petticoat Junction Unknown 1963-09-24
映画 It's the Beatles! Unknown 1963
映画 The Beatles Come to Town Unknown 1963
Series Scene at 6:30 Unknown 1963
Series Tuesday Rendezvous Unknown 1962
Series The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Unknown 1962-10-01
映画 The Cavern Club Unknown 1962
Series People and Places Unknown 1962
映画 Pink Swine! Unknown 1962
Series Juke Box Jury Unknown 1959-06-01
Series Grandstand Unknown 1958-10-11
Series Armchair Theatre Unknown 1956-07-08
Series Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium Unknown 1956
Series ITV Weekend News Unknown 1955-09-22
Series This Is Your Life Unknown 1955-07-29
Series Today Unknown 1952-01-14
Series The Bob Hope Show Unknown 1952-10-12
Series The Ed Sullivan Show Unknown 1948-06-20