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George W. Bush

The 43rd President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush (known colloquially as "W" to distinguish himself from his father, George Bush, the 41st president of the U.S.), was born two days after the national holiday of the Fourth of July, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut where his father was attending Yale College in the Class of 1949. ...

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Jul 6, 1946 In New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Desert Storm: The War Begins
Series XXI Century 2017-07-02

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映画 Empire Himself 2005-05-27
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映画 Bush's Brain Unknown 2004-03-13
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映画 Super Size Me Unknown 2004-06-11
映画 Celsius 41.11: The Temperature at Which the Brain... Begins to Die Unknown 2004
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Series Der durstige Planet Unknown 2004
映画 Ellen et le terrorisme Unknown 2004
映画 American Dictators Unknown 2004
映画 Uncovered: The War on Iraq Unknown 2004
映画 The Other Side of Suez Unknown 2004
映画 Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America Unknown 2004
映画 Rush to War Himself 2004-10-29
映画 George W. Bush: Faith in the White House Unknown 2004
映画 Saddam Hussein: le procès que vous ne verrez pas Unknown 2004
映画 Recount Democracy Unknown 2004
Series The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear Unknown 2004
映画 We Iraqis Unknown 2004
映画 The Future of Food Unknown 2004
映画 Le 11 septembre n'a pas eu lieu... Unknown 2004
映画 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts Himself 2004-12-21
映画 911: In Plane Site Unknown 2004
映画 Last Laugh '04 Himself 2004-12-12
映画 Hand to Hand Himself 2004-10-30
映画 Fahrenheit 9/11: A Movement in Time Himself 2004-10-29
映画 Hvorfor har mænd magten? Unknown 2004
映画 Helen's War Himself 2004-02-08
映画 Le grand complot Unknown 2004
映画 Europe & USA: Behind the Scenes of a Political Rupture Unknown 2004
映画 One of Many Unknown 2004
映画 ¡Hay motivo! Unknown 2004
映画 Brother, Can You Spare a Job? Unknown 2004
映画 Året der gik 2003 Unknown 2003
映画 Barney and Spot's Winter Wonderland Unknown 2003
映画 Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Glory Unknown 2003
映画 Barney Cam II: Barney Reloaded Unknown 2003
映画 A Conversation with the President Unknown 2003
Series Die Story Unknown 2003
映画 National Geographic: The FBI Unknown 2003
映画 Tilbage til Bagdad Unknown 2003
映画 Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst Unknown 2003
映画 D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear Unknown 2003
映画 Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers Unknown 2003
映画 Bush for Peace Unknown 2003
映画 Singing in the Shadow: The Children of Rock Royalty Unknown 2003
映画 National Geographic: 21 Days to Baghdad Unknown 2003
映画 Weltmacht im Treibsand - Bush gegen die Ayatollahs Unknown 2003
Series Sabine Christiansen Unknown 2003
映画 100 Years of Hope and Humor Himself 2003-04-20
Series Rome Is Burning Unknown 2003-05-06
Series MI-5 Unknown 2003-07-22
映画 Daytona 500: The Great American Race Pre-Race Show Unknown 2003
映画 CIA: Secret Wars Himself 2003-04-16
映画 Journeys with George Himself 2003-03-14
Series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Unknown 2003-01-24
Series Jimmy Kimmel Live! Unknown 2003-01-26
映画 Last Party 2000 Unknown 2003-01-29
Series Paula Zahn Now Unknown 2003-09-08
映画 Stupidity Himself 2003-05-01
Series NCIS Unknown 2003-09-23
Series Unsere Besten Unknown 2003-11-07
Series Get Up, Stand Up Unknown 2003-11-29
Series Anderson Cooper 360° Unknown 2003-09-08
Series Threat Matrix Unknown 2003-09-18
映画 TV 2 003 - Året i ord og billeder Unknown 2003
Series The Ellen DeGeneres Show Unknown 2003-09-08
映画 Nyhetsåret 2003 Himself 2003-12-01
Series Now Unknown 2002-01-18
映画 The Day That Shook the World Unknown 2002
映画 Counting on Democracy: The Untold Story of 175,000 Missing Votes in the 2000 Presidential Election Unknown 2002
Series Crossfire Unknown 2002
映画 9/11 Unknown 2002-03-10
映画 Family Fundamentals Unknown 2002
映画 Crossed Over Unknown 2002-03-03
映画 Air Force One Himself 2002-01-01
映画 Follow the Leader Unknown 2002
Series On the Record w/ Brit Hume Unknown 2002-02-01
映画 XIX Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Himself - US President 2002-02-08
Series What Really Happened on September 11th Unknown 2002-01-14
映画 9/11: The Road to Tyranny Unknown 2002
映画 The J2 Project Unknown 2002
映画 The Very Best of 'Have I Got News for You' Unknown 2002
映画 Afghanistan: Land in Crisis Unknown 2002
映画 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts Himself 2002-12-27
映画 Bowling for Columbine Himself 2002-11-15
Series Gaia no yoake Unknown 2002-04-14
Series Sendung ohne Namen Unknown 2002-10-17
映画 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election Himself 2002-09-17
映画 September 11 Unknown 2002-09-11
映画 Horns and Halos Unknown 2002-06-01
Series Al rojo vivo con María Celeste Unknown 2002-04-29
映画 Demonlover Unknown 2002-11-06
Series Star Trek: Enterprise Unknown 2001
映画 Election 2000 Himself 2001
映画 Talking to Americans Himself 2001-03-30
Series CNN Live Today Himself 2001-04-09
映画 The One Unknown 2001-11-02
Series Disclosure Unknown 2001-11-13
Series Insiders Unknown 2001-07-15
映画 In Performance at the White House None 2001
映画 State of the Union Unknown 2001
Series Alles komt terug Unknown 2001
映画 Party Animals (or... How to Get to the White House in 5 Easy Steps) Himself 2001
映画 No Time to Fall Unknown 2001
Series 2000 Presidential Debates Unknown 2000
映画 The Back of the World Unknown 2000
映画 Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 2000 Himself 2000-11-05
Series Independent Lens Unknown 1999-08-09
Series 60 Minutes Wednesday Unknown 1999-01-13
Series The Awful Truth Unknown 1999-04-11
映画 The Story of Darrell Royal Himself 1999
Series ESPN SportsCentury Unknown 1999-01-21
Series Fox and Friends Unknown 1998-02-01
Series BBC News Unknown 1997-11-09
Series Corazón de... Unknown 1997-07-07
Series Hardball with Chris Matthews Unknown 1997-06-30
Series Forensic Files Unknown 1996-04-21
Series This Week Unknown 1996-12-01
映画 Vote for Me: Politics in America Unknown 1996
Series E! True Hollywood Story Unknown 1996-06-27
Series The Daily Show Unknown 1996-07-22
Series The O'Reilly Factor Unknown 1996-10-07
Series JAG Unknown 1995-09-23
Series Modern Marvels Unknown 1995-01-01
Series Room 101 Unknown 1994-07-04
Series Quelli che... il calcio Unknown 1993-09-26
映画 Within These Walls: A Visit to the White House Unknown 1993
Series America Undercover Unknown 1993
Series Late Show with David Letterman Unknown 1993-08-30
Series The X-Files Unknown 1993-09-10
Series The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Unknown 1992-05-25
Series Gomorron Unknown 1992-09-14
映画 Convention '92 Unknown 1992
Series Dateline NBC Unknown 1992-03-31
映画 Desert Storm: The War Begins Unknown 1991
Series Charlie Rose Unknown 1991-09-30
Series Have I Got News for You Unknown 1990-09-28
Series Lateline Unknown 1990-06-26
Series CNN Newsroom Unknown 1989-08-01
映画 Presidential Inaugural Gala Himself 1989-01-19
映画 Kinkyû UFO genchi shuzai tokuhô: Bei seifu ga uchûjin to kôshiki kaiken! Kyôfu no himitsu kyôtei wo musundeita!? Himself 1989-01-21
Series Biography Unknown 1987-04-06
Series Weekend Today Unknown 1987-09-20
Series The 7.30 Report Unknown 1986-01-07
Series The Oprah Winfrey Show Unknown 1986-09-08
Series National Geographic Explorer Unknown 1985-04-07
Series Larry King Live Unknown 1985-06-03
Series BBC Six O'Clock News Unknown 1984-09-01
Series There's Hope America Unknown 1984-02-01
Series Frontline Unknown 1983-01-17
Series 13 heures le journal Unknown 1981-07-01
Series 20 heures le journal Unknown 1981-10-05
Series Entertainment Tonight Unknown 1981-09-14
Series PBS NewsHour Unknown 1975-10-01
Series NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Unknown 1970-08-01
Series 60 Minutes Unknown 1968-09-24
Series Horizon Unknown 1964-05-02
Series Face the Nation Unknown 1954-11-07
Series ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Unknown 1953-09-07
Series Panorama Unknown 1953-11-11
Series Today Unknown 1952-01-14
Series Meet the Press Unknown 1947-11-06