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John Welsh was born on November 7, 1914 in Wexford, Ireland as John James Walsh. He was an actor and production manager, known for Krull (1983), Softly Softly (1966) and The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958). He died on April 21, 1985 in Richmond, London, England.

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Nov 7, 1914 In Wexford, Ireland
Movie/TV Credits:
In the movie Sound an Alarm
映画 Murder: By Reason of Insanity 1985-10-01


Poster of Krull
Poster of Softly Softly
Poster of The Revenge of Frankenstein
Poster of Lucky Jim
Series Diary of a Nobody Mr. Perkupp 2018
Series Murder of a Moderate Man Unknown 1985
Series Blott on the Landscape Lord Leakham 1985-02-06
映画 Murder: By Reason of Insanity Unknown 1985-10-01
Series Cockles Unknown 1984
映画 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Unknown 1984
映画 Krull Seer 1983-07-29
Series The Citadel Unknown 1983
映画 The Tale of Beatrix Potter Unknown 1982
Series Let There Be Love Unknown 1982
Series Brideshead Revisited Unknown 1982-01-18
映画 From a Far Country Unknown 1981
映画 The Winter's Tale Unknown 1981
映画 Timon of Athens Unknown 1981
映画 Dear Teacher Unknown 1981
Series To Serve Them All My Days Unknown 1980
Series Edward the King Unknown 1979-06-25
映画 Les soeurs Brontë Unknown 1979
Series Prince Regent Unknown 1979
Series Oresteia Unknown 1979-03-07
Series Thomas and Sarah Unknown 1979
映画 The Thirty-Nine Steps Unknown 1978
映画 The Norseman Unknown 1978
Series Husbands, Wives & Lovers Unknown 1978-03-10
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映画 Maneaters Are Loose! Unknown 1978
Series When the Boat Comes In Unknown 1977
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Series Wessex Tales Dairyman 1973-11-07
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Series The Frighteners Cartwright 1972-05-14
Series The Moonstone Unknown 1972
映画 The Pied Piper Unknown 1972
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Series Crown Court Unknown 1972-10-11
Series Villains Unknown 1972-07-22
Series The Runaway Summer Unknown 1971
Series Justice Unknown 1971-10-08
Series Misleading Cases Unknown 1971
Series The Ten Commandments Rev. Martindale 1971-03-30
映画 Sound an Alarm Unknown 1971
映画 Cromwell Unknown 1970
Series Codename Unknown 1970-04-07
Series Confession Mr. Walsh 1970-07-03
映画 The Man Who Haunted Himself Unknown 1970
Series Play for Today Committee chairman / ... 1970-10-15
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Series Catweazle Unknown 1970
Series ITV Sunday Night Theatre Doctor Hewitson / ... 1969-01-11
Series Journey to the Unknown Unknown 1969
Series The Main Chance Unknown 1969-06-18
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Series Half Hour Story Unknown 1968
映画 Subterfuge Heiner 1968-12-01
映画 Journey Into Darkness Unknown 1968
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Series Virgin of the Secret Service Unknown 1968
Series The Gamblers Unknown 1967-09-26
Series The Revenue Men Unknown 1967
Series Inheritance Unknown 1967
Series ITV Playhouse Director / ... 1967-09-25
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Series Mr. Rose Unknown 1967-02-17
Series City '68 Alderman Laycock / ... 1967-12-08
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Series No Hiding Place Unknown 1959-09-16
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映画 Room at the Top Unknown 1959
映画 Operation Bullshine Unknown 1959
映画 Bobbikins Unknown 1959
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映画 Nowhere to Go Unknown 1958
映画 Next to No Time Unknown 1958
映画 Dunkirk Unknown 1958
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映画 She Didn't Say No! Unknown 1958
映画 Indiscreet Unknown 1958-07-26
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映画 Lucky Jim Unknown 1957
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映画 The Secret Place Unknown 1957
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Series Tales from Soho Unknown 1956
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Series Armchair Theatre Unknown 1956-07-08
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Series Assignment Foreign Legion Unknown 1956
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映画 The Running Tide Unknown 1955
映画 Track the Man Down Unknown 1955
映画 The Laughing Lady Unknown 1955
映画 The Deadliest Sin Unknown 1955
映画 Three Empty Rooms Unknown 1955
映画 The Warriors Unknown 1955
Series ITV Television Playhouse superintendant Cassels 1955-09-24
Series ITV Play of the Week Cardinal of Milan / ... 1955-09-01
映画 Diplomatic Passport Unknown 1954
映画 An Inspector Calls Unknown 1954
映画 Uncle Willie's Bicycle Shop Unknown 1954
映画 The Divided Heart Unknown 1954
映画 The Accused Unknown 1953
Series Rheingold Theatre Unknown 1953
映画 Mr. Dooley, Jnr. Unknown 1953
映画 The Clue of the Missing Ape Unknown 1953
映画 The Twelfth Brother Unknown 1952
Series BBC Sunday-Night Theatre Unknown 1950-01-01